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Scroll Cases, Bags of Holding, Gem Bags, Potion Cases... Oh My!

HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,580
Just curious if there were ever any plans to add anymore containers to BG:EE? The game can get *very* loot heavy middle to endgame. Now that we have a scroll case, potion case, and a gem bag, I honestly wonder how we ever got by without them!? I bag of holding (say, available to purchase at Sorcerous Sunderies in BG) would be stellar, and of course make sense... If you didn't want to go that far, just another scroll case would REALLY go wonders. I'm sure this has probably already been discussed ad nauseum, but its just an observation courtesy of my latest play-through.

One thing I'm glad that didn't get carried over from other titles is the ammo belt. Cool? Yes. Ridiculous? Yes. But I digress... there's a whole other topic on that out here somewhere.


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