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[mod] PaintBG (EE) portrait pack

polymorphedsquirrelpolymorphedsquirrel Member Posts: 114
edited August 2019 in General Modding
In cooperation with @LavaDelVortel we revived the PaintBG portrait pack by Artastrophe for use in Enhanced Editions. Well, by revived I mean I was preparing another portrait pack and offered to grant the code for the use in PaintBG, which I use myself, but which required manual file copying like in the ol' days. This means the code is brand new and has brand new bugs! It also means that some installation options may seem a bit of an overkill, as it was designed for a larger portrait set. The portraits are still the same, except it also includes newer portraits which Artastrophe published since last official release. You can download the confidencence inspiring version 0.0.1-beta temporarily from github:

Version for linux will have to wait until I have access to a Linux machine and more time (or someone willing to help with getting static graphicsmagick).

The mod will return to SHStudios once 1) the latter s up; 2) the former leaves the beta stage - I don't have permissions to upload there but need a way to squash bugs. Please let me know if it works on Mac and Linux - I haven't tested it but use platform-dependent GraphicsMagick binary to convert jpg to bmp. Also, I have no idea if it works with EET, but unless it does something special portrait files, it should - and I intend to support it given beta testers.

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  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,499
    So, few words from me now!

    PaintBG was created long time ago. EE versions of the the game were new back them and today all of us know much more about how Enhanced Editions work. The old version of PaintBG for EE doesn't meet today's standards and I knew it for quite a while. @polymorphedsquirrel sent me a message that he'd like to work on the new version. I was happy to pass him some thoughts and ideas that were there, with me and @artastrophe when we were creating this mod: Arta, as a splendid artist, and me - her right hand in everything else. Also with coding the original version, for old BG games.

    Knowing I have way to many projects to handle properly, I support polymorphedsquirrel and I know te mod will be handled properly. This version will be also uploaded at SHS, the link will be left here, but as you know, SHS is down now and we didn't want to wait for it to return while some of you may already want to try the mod out.

    So grab it, install it and... well... enjoy!

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,231
    edited August 2019
    it's nice to see this finally up to date. now i can replace artaport and just use this. also saves me haveing to add mod npc portraits into my override folder every time i have to redo my mod instlation.

    edit: is it possible to make an edit for the yoshimo portrait to use for yoshimo remorse? i'll need to replace those portraits anyways if i use this.

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,638
    Cool. Is this a version compatible with the classic games, as well?

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,231
    and already there is an issue. when asking about companion portraits picking 1 gives an error as it says there are 0 files and it had to roll back.

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,499
    @jastey - the old PaintBG for classic games is there, at SHS and it has a fine installator. Perhaps some new portraits will be added, as Arta created few more since then, but those are two different installators. Mostly because this one is already huge and then there are different portrait sizes + compatibility with BG1, BG2, Tutu, BGT. That's a lot, heh. The topic was brought in our discussions, but let's focus on this one for now.

    @megamike15 - there is no "ghastly" version of Yoshimo created by Arta. Perhaps in the future, but I wouldn't like edits that Arta doesn't know about be included. Also Yoshimo's Remorse includes a special portrait for Yoshimo is he uses his special ability.

    @polymorphedsquirrel - something I never noticed before: Foundling has 2 options in the mod, while there are not 2 alternative versions. Both are used in the game and that is why they originally had different names. It's more or less like Varshoon thing I told you once.

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,638
    @LavaDelVortel so the answer is "no". That's all I wanted to know. :)

  • polymorphedsquirrelpolymorphedsquirrel Member Posts: 114
    edited August 2019
    Updated release and links to fix Foundling's portraits - I was sure it was done, but probably mixed him up with Varshoon.

    This version doesn't support classic editions, but if there is such a demand, there are no technical reasons why it couldn't. The only obstacle is my lack of knowledge of the modded versions such as Tutu and BGT and how they use portraits. Also, I don't own them anymore so I couldn't test myself. Most of the 'new' options however will work only in EE - at least those for CHARNAME. I am not sure if I do something more for companion portraits than the original PaintBG - only somewhat differently.

    @megamike15: could you tell me exactly which component/subcomponent? Do you mean option 'ask about each companion' in the component for official/mod companions? I run it just now and it installed correctly for me. The message you are getting is for CHARNAME portraits: if you clear the portrait list and don't install any portraits. Unless of course I fumbled something.

    EDIT: and the setup-PaintBGEE.debug file would be extremely helpful.

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  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,231
    it was the 2nd component about companions. it had nothing to do with charname. not that it matters as i had another error where the wendiu would not even go though after the readme as it kept giving me an error i never saw before.
    Creating pool of CHARNAME portraits named after existing pc and npc portraits...

    COPY PORTRAITS FROM charname/override/\([^\.\\/].*\)/male\|female/*/* => 'PaintBGEE/charname/pool' when: always
    Creating 1 directory






    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDORCF1L.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDORCF1L.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDORCF1L.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'BDORCF1L' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDORCF1L.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDORCF1M.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDORCF1M.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDORCF1M.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'BDORCF1M' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDORCF1M.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDORCF1S.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDORCF1S.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDORCF1S.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'BDORCF1S' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDORCF1S.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDSHAF1L.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDSHAF1L.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDSHAF1L.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'BDSHAF1L' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDSHAF1L.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDSHAF1M.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDSHAF1M.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDSHAF1M.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'BDSHAF1M' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDSHAF1M.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDSHAF1S.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDSHAF1S.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDSHAF1S.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'BDSHAF1S' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/BDSHAF1S.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley1L.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley1L.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley1L.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'Manley1L' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley1L.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley1M.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley1M.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley1M.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'Manley1M' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley1M.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley1S.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley1S.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley1S.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'Manley1S' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley1S.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley2L.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley2L.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley2L.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'Manley2L' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley2L.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley2M.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley2M.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley2M.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'Manley2M' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley2M.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley2S.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley2S.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley2S.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'Manley2S' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley2S.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley4L.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley4L.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley4L.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'Manley4L' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley4L.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley4M.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley4M.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley4M.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'Manley4M' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley4M.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley4S.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley4S.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley4S.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'Manley4S' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley4S.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley5L.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley5L.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley5L.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'Manley5L' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley5L.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley5M.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley5M.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley5M.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'Manley5M' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley5M.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley5S.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley5S.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley5S.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'Manley5S' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Manley5S.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/ManleyXL.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/ManleyXL.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/ManleyXL.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'ManleyXL' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/ManleyXL.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/ManleyXM.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/ManleyXM.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/ManleyXM.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'ManleyXM' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/ManleyXM.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/ManleyXS.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/ManleyXS.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/ManleyXS.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'ManleyXS' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/ManleyXS.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/SkanL.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/SkanL.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/SkanL.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'SkanL' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/SkanL.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/SkanM.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/SkanM.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/SkanM.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'SkanM' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/SkanM.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/SkanS.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/SkanS.bmp

    Failed to convert PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/SkanS.jpg to '.bmp'

    IGNORING 'SkanS' (PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/SkanS.bmp): referenced file does not exist.

    CONVERTING PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Yanner1L.jpg -> PaintBGEE/charname/override/any/female/defaults/Yanner1L.bmp

    this keeps repeating until i close the program.

    thankfully this is a beta so i could just keep useing artaport until this is settled and fixed.

  • polymorphedsquirrelpolymorphedsquirrel Member Posts: 114
    edited August 2019
    1. Are you on mac or linux by any chance? Are you sure you downloaded the package for the correct system (sorry)? The error we are seeing here is about converting every and each jpg to bmp. This is core functionality without which nothing will work and, obviously, it works for me just fine. In the ./bin folder you should find the culprit gm.exe/gm. Could you enter in the command line
    <gm/gm.exe> convert -verbose <somejpg.jpg> result.bmp
    and tell me what it prints?
    <gm/gm.exe> - gm.exe for windows, gm for linux/mac
    <somejpg.jpg> - path to any jpg file

    2. By 'this keeps on repeating until you close the program' you mean you encountered some infinite loop? The log fragment is cut short, so I presume you closed the program.

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  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,231
    edited August 2019
    i'm on windows. the infinite loop was an error box that kept popping up over the installer. i had to x out wndiu to stop it.

    edit; the error is a gm.exe system error.

    it says program can't start because it is missing CORE_RL_magick.dll
    i have no idea what that means and never got this error before when installing a baldurs gate mod.

    Post edited by megamike15 on
  • polymorphedsquirrelpolymorphedsquirrel Member Posts: 114
    edited August 2019
    Ok, now I know what happened - I had the required dll file installed independently on my machine as I used this utility before. Now the required libraries are bundled with PaintBG. Sorry for turning you into a beta tester and thanks for helping.
    EDIT: I forgot to mention: links are updated.

    Post edited by polymorphedsquirrel on
  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,231
    it's fine. it installs fine now.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,231
    i feel the installation should be more streamlined. there are way to many components and it's not clear what each of them do especially the ones for charname portraits. should have just been do you want to install portraits for companions, charname, mod npcs yes no. and if they have alternates you pick those.

    or do what artaport does and let it just auto install all the defaults for you instead of having to do it manually. when another mod does it more smoothly there is an issue.

  • polymorphedsquirrelpolymorphedsquirrel Member Posts: 114
    But you can install everything as two components - first one with preselected sensible options for npcs and the second one for pc. I felt that seeing various options together would make an informed choice easier. Having them grouped tgether instead of a series of components you are forced to go through makes also repeated installation that much quicker, especially considering alternative portraits. What configuration you were after that was missing from the initially presented options? The individual components are for when you need to fine tune installation, for example due to other portrait packs or want to use NPC portraits for charname. If you like the option 'install everything in default' the last (I think) option of both principial components literally promises that.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,231
    yeah this mod does not work. i used the 4th option so it installed everything for me and the portraits just don't show up in the game.

  • MadrictMadrict Member Posts: 141
    So happy about this portrait pack being worked on! It is my favourite :)

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