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[mod] The Ooze's Lounge



  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,083
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,395
    Thanks! Uhm... is Kamigoroshi a fan of oozes and slimes? :D

  • southfla79southfla79 Member Posts: 194

    Depends, but it may not be the best idea. I forgot to mention, it's better to install the mod before starting a new game or at least before entering the Slums. The Slums area is updated by the mod and if you visited it... well, the save game won't get updated.

    I'm still in the BG1 area of the game

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,395
    Then maybe it's gonna work fine. But I can't promise that! It was checked on BG2 and BG2EE, not EET. AFAIR, there were no chapter checks etc, so I'm not sure what could possible go wrong, but... just know it wasn't tested with EET. And that's all.

  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,313
    I have to wonder... why does this lounge look *exactly* like my home? There's even my bath in that last shot!? :fearful:
    Who?! Who placed all those cameras in my sactuary!

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,395
    edited June 2018
  • Mantis37Mantis37 Member Posts: 1,045
    edited December 2018
    Small problem, although I have the key my party can't get in- just get the message about the stairs/ lock.

    Edit: Was able to CLUA in, and the entrance / exit seems to be in the street right of the slums.

    Post edited by Mantis37 on
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,035
    @LavaDelVortel I know you have mirror links for some/all of your mods, but I cannot find one for this mod. Would you be able to provide one while SHS is down?

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,395
    it is there, along with other mods:

    it's the very first one on the list (with AG prefix, that stands for Athkatlan Grounds)

  • Ludwig_IILudwig_II Member Posts: 252
    edited February 2019
    Hi @LavaDelVortel. Now that I have finished Ooze's Lounge, I can give my feedback :smile:

    It's another great mod! I loved it. It's such a fresh new area, and just like Southern District mod, the areas and the quests seem very natural to the flow of the game. Doesn't feel like a mod at all. And it felt quite unique to me too. Liked the items too, there are quite a few of them actually. Some are very unique but none feels overpowered.

    Now for the potential bug reports. I have given an eye to the seer, which finished his quest and I got some experience. However, next time I talked to Eyeblinker, he said he needs to reward me now that I helped the seer, but nothing happens, no rewards. Also, he has 2 chests just next to him which stay locked and not pickable. I thought maybe after the quests I would be able to access them, but no. I don't know if there is any future content that ties up here, so if they have a use later on, then my bad.

    And I have a few questions: The item infinitely sold by Eyeblinker, Halo, says in the description that it gives Negative Plane Protection, however when I equip it, it doesn't say Negative Plane Protection in the character sheet, like it says with similar items. Does it not give that ability or just not show it? Also, was it intended to have an infinite number of the helmet Halo?

    And finally, I gave Director's Eye to Seer for his quest. However, I have something similar called Gauth's Eyestalk. Does that have a similar purpose? Was that supposed to be interchangeable with Director's Eye for Seer's quest?

    Thanks for this great mod.

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,395
    @Ludwig_II - thank you. I wanted everything in this mod to blend in well with the original content and I think it mostly went well! Sure, there is always something that could be implement better, I also had to change one thing to make it work better on old BG2 (this mod works on both EE and old BG2)... anyway, I think I am happy with the mod's shape.

    About the Seer and the rewards: you should also get an amulet for giving the Director's Cut Eye. Then indeed the other merchant should give you something, but... I think I moved the reward to the talk upon giving the eye. But to make it less awkward, the talk that mentions the reward will also give some gold. Not sure what Gauth's Eyestalk you speak of as I don't remember adding any. Unless you mean some original item or an item from some other mod. It's simply not recognized by the dialogue.

    About the Halo: surely there should be just one copy of the item and the effect - it works fine, I just never set the special effect icon. But it should be included. Noted.


  • Ludwig_IILudwig_II Member Posts: 252
    Cool, thanks for the response. And that update was fast!

    Now that I know Halo is supposed to be only one, I should sell back the excess ones I bought. I stockpiled a few of them as I was going to meet the vampires next :smile:

    And I checked Gauth's Eyestalk, it's apparently used in Abazigal's Lair. So it's part of the original game content apparently. It's been so long since my last BG2 play that I don't remember most of the original content :smile:

  • Necromanx2Necromanx2 Member Posts: 1,086
    The Gauth's Eyestalk I believe is from
    the Southern Edge mod when you get the special wood from the cave. Never figured out what it was used for?

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,395
    Ah, right!
    That is part of a new item. Southern Edge also makes it possible to forge one new item. It is one half of it.

  • CaszidyCaszidy Member Posts: 205
    Hi, I have little trouble figuring out, how can I use (or what item I can upgrade with it) Isiar's Blood purchased from new merchant in Ooze's Lounge in chapter six. Could you please give me some hint?
    By the way Ooze's Lounge is amazing mod and I am putting it immediatelly to my regular install for every walkthrough in the future :+1:

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,395
    edited May 2019
    @Caszidy - Thanks! As for the blood:
    Take it along with Roe'noon - the Weave of the Iris +3 to Cromwell or Cespenar. Add some gold and enjoy the sword even more than you did before!

  • ClubbothClubboth Member Posts: 60
    Nice timing. I played through an older version of this mod. Stumbled about the things Ludwig_II stumbled about, but now they are history. A mod of high quality. Thanks to all, who makes it happen.

    Now, back to Roe'noon. I thought, that there is one dialog, related to the sword, if the PC buys it. A comment from the merchant, that did not fire. As I said, it is an older version, that I have used, so this is already fixed, or I bought the wrong item, to see this dialog from the beholder. I enjoyed talking to him. He reminds me of one of my favorite characters in the game: the captain, my captain beholder from the sahuagin-city.

    A second thing: My PC made a deal with one of the outcasts. He received a sling in return. My nitpick: right-clicking the sling does not open a window - like other launchers do, that gives the player the opportunity to change the ammunition. No big deal, though, because I can do this in the inventory-screen.

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,395
    Thanks for letting me know!

    I am not sure what's wrong with sling... it may have something to do with the fact that it may be also used without any bullets... As for the sword - yes, it's a stupid bug. During the poduction, I changed the file name for the sword, as the upgraded version joined in as an available item. I forgot to change that one place, thus the dialogue/script checks for the upgraded version rather than the basic item. Thanks for spotting it. Will be updated once I will be working on the new version.

  • _Connacht__Connacht_ Member Posts: 144
    edited July 2019
    Hello, I try to install this mod but I only get an error message:

    ERROR: [] -> [override/] Patching Failed (COPY) (Invalid_argument("String.create"))
    Stopping installation because of error.
    Stopping installation because of error.

    ERROR Installing [Ooze's Lounge: a new area under Athkatlan Slums], rolling back to previous state
    Will uninstall 50 files for [OOZE/OOZE.TP2] component 0.
    Uninstalled 50 files for [OOZE/OOZE.TP2] component 0.
    ERROR: Invalid_argument("String.create")
    Please make a backup of the file: SETUP-OOZE.DEBUG and look for support at: Lava Del'Vortel

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,395
    edited September 2019
    _Connacht_ - sorry, but I have no idea how to help you. You also attached Setup-RR.debug and I guess that's a RogueRebalancing debug file.

    The mod is now available in French - all thanks to @deratiseur
    As SHS is down, use my alternative download to enjoy my mods.

    Post edited by LavaDelVortel on
  • daviderrdaviderr Member Posts: 3
    Hi Lava, I found a mod of BG1/BG1-EE named TWM demo, do you know is it is already active and if it will be localized to english ?

    I am interesting in content "@18 = ~Quest “Heart of Darkness, BereRuin" that is not localized.

    If the mod is not being updated, could you get the quests and create a mod for BGEE just for them, similar to Ooxes and Southern Edge ? (Ice Island, Acheological site, Centeol's redemption, and Heart of Darkness too)


  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,395
    I think I would rather use a different topic to discuss TWM (Tajemnice Wybrzeża Mieczy). Also, the English title is: Mysteries of the Sword Coast. There are some English components included and the project isn't dead. It's just super slow. Also because the mod is also to work on old BG1engine so it's kinda hard as we all know how the engine changed since the first release of BG1.

    Mysteries of the Sword Coast may be downloaded here and I hope it will include new both Polish and English components.

    Let's keep this topic about Ooze's Lounge.

  • daviderrdaviderr Member Posts: 3
    ok, thanks anyway, but above all thanks for all the mods you've already published. :)

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,395
    @daviderr - Sure, thanks. I am actually also an author of most of the TWM/MotSC components you mentioned, so I ineed hope they will get translated into English. It may take a moment though,

    Anyway, now let's really get back to ooze. No matter how weird that may sound.

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