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Cool Superstitions for a Barbarian to have?

Barbarians vary widely in how they understand life. Some follow gods and look for guidance from those deities in the cycles of nature and the animals they encounter. These barbarians believe that spirits inhabit the plants and animals of the world, and the barbarians look to them for omens and power. Other barbarians trust only in the blood that runs in their veins and the steel they hold in their hands. They have no use for the invisible world, instead relying on their senses to hunt and survive like the wild beasts they emulate.

Both of these attitudes can give rise to superstitions. These beliefs are often passed down within a family or shared among the members of a clan or a hunting group. If your barbarian character has any superstitions, were they ingrained in you by your family, or are they the result of personal experience?

From Xanathar's Guide to Everything

Reading up on Barbarians and apparently they're often superstitious. The six examples of superstitions the book gives are "If you disturb the bones of the dead, you inherit all the troubles that plagued them in life.", "Never trust a wizard. They're all devils in disguise, especially the friendly ones", "Dwarves have lost their spirits, and are almost like the undead. That's why they live underground.", "Magical things bring trouble. Never sleep with a magic object within ten feet of you", "When you walk through a graveyard, be sure to wear silver, or a ghost might jump into your body.", "If an elf looks you in the eyes, she's trying to read your thoughts".

Sounds like a fun way to breath a bit of life into a character. Any ideas for cool superstitions to give a barbarian?



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