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[HOW TO] Install mods on iOS devices (NO Jailbreak)



  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 2,809
    No, they were added to PVRTexTools. I haven't seen any options to turn it off.

  • Luke93Luke93 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,299
    As I've already mentioned, the PVRZ conversion mod is working fine on macOS now – the same should hold for Linux systems as well... Now the only requirement is to not to have a pure 32-bit operating systems.

    @subtledoctor rejoice :D

  • kosmaskosmas Member Posts: 8
    Hey there!
    Looking for help... I must have been doing something wrong but I can't figure out what.
    I'm trying to Mod BG:EE on an iPad Air with iOS 13.3.

    Did all the steps from the instruction (old itunes, ipa -> zip, modding, zip, lang.bg1data & mod.bg1override, exchange via dropbox, install also through dropbox "export").

    For a test run I used two different kit mods (arcane archer and charlatan).

    What I do get are two new options during character creation for fighter and bard, but they are both named "Invalid: 34000" and "Invalid: 34006".
    I figure I did something at least half correct then... ;-)

    Maybe someone can point me in the right direction or ask me the right questions!?

    Thank you!

  • Luke93Luke93 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,299

    Try installing again your lang.bg1data......

  • kosmaskosmas Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the fast reply! I did it again, several times actually.
    Since it's a text error, it seems to be connected to the dialog.tlk but zipping and unzipping and running again and moving the file from dropbox to the iOS file manager all didn't work.

    I suspected a connection to the ipad OS but if so, it shouldn't be working at all.

  • Luke93Luke93 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,299
    edited January 9

    The zipping method is crucial:
    • If you're on Windows, then you should use WinRAR.
    • If you're on macOS, then simply use the native app 'Utility Archive'
    • If you're on Linux, then I don't know...

  • kosmaskosmas Member Posts: 8
    Thanks again! I was hoping it would be that.

    Gave it a try with WinRAR (no compression = "store"!?) instead of 7Zip and even reinstalled the whole game and moved the files from dropbox directly on the tablet just to be sure.

    Didn't work sadly. I've got the same issue with invalid text.

    Is it save to assume, that it must be something with the /lang-folder (dialog.tlk) since it seems to be text-related?
    I can't think of a reason why it should work with one folder and not the other...

  • Luke93Luke93 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,299

    I'm sorry to hear that, but the method definitely works on BG:EE, so you're doing something wrong... Or maybe there's a problem with those mods... Did you try installing some other mods?

    @StummvonBordwehr , @imp51096454

    How do you set WinRAR when it comes to zipping these folders?

  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 813
    edited January 11

    I successfully modded my BG1:ee install in the Christmas holidays.

    Weidu log attached.

    The mods worked fine, besides a bug that prevented me from going from Cloakwood 1 to cloakwood 2 (BG tweaks (version 8) the suspected culprit).

    When I zip the file, I use 7-zip and just zip it with no compression. I have take some pictures of the process - hope you can use it even if the language isn’t English...
    I used 7-zip since me free version of win rar ran out. It works, but just remember to 1) change the name (rename) of the new folder in windows - just erase “.zip”, and the folder changes it’s appearance and status from a zip folder to a regular folder,
    2) upload again to Dropbox and change the name again to the names the guide states.
    This works for me.

    Ps. Thank you Luke for this method and helping us out - I am truly great full

    Post edited by StummvonBordwehr on
  • imp51096454imp51096454 Member Posts: 28
    Hello @Luke93
    The path of language folder should be precise: lang.bg2data\lang\en_US, therefore, the entire lang folder should be included when zipping.
    Try replacing dialog.tlk with your own file in the following attachment, then modify the extension of the attachment as lang.bg2data before importing it to BGII:EE.

  • kosmaskosmas Member Posts: 8
    @Luke93 , @StummvonBordwehr , @imp51096454

    Thank you guys!
    It works like a charm now.

    Partly ashamed of admitting it, but I was 100% my fault :#
    I zipped the copied lang-folder and named it correctly lang.bg1data never to check again that IN the zip-file the first subfolder was still (windows-auto-)named "lang - copy".
    Due to your detailed explanations, I found the errors of my ways ;-)

    I'll go with StummvonBordwehr and thank you Luke93 again "for this method and helping us out" - I am truly great full as well!

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