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EE NPC banters

Hello, been out off the loop for abit, but recently got back into playing BGEE (this time i will play SoD darn it!).

A quick question regarding the added NPCS, Neera Dorn Rasaad, do they have BG2 style banters with the other party npcs in BGEE? somewhere in my clouded memory i want to recall that they did, but in my current run there has been none at all (Party is: Neera, Xzar, Montaron, Viconia, Shar-Teel). Many a times Montaron has turned to Neera as if a dialogue was abut to fire, but nothing happens.
only mod i have that would affect banter should be BG1NPC, and from what i can recall, that shouldnt add any banters to the EE Npcs.

/Cheers Rangeltoft


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