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SCS difficulty slider advice: improved vs tactical

So I realize this might be alittle strange topic, but I wonder what difficult slider you usually go with when you're playing with the SCS mod.

I usually go with the "tactical" mode, but I've been thinking alot about going down one step to improved.

I really like the mod and I think it makes enemies A LOT smarter which is awsome. However, lately, I think that some battles becomes frustratingly hard with tactical, hardcore or insane settings. For example, Planetars (who are already superbad-ass-kicking-butt-summons) become Godlike with their ability to cast spells instantly (tactical setting). It's not realistic for me. Same goes for enemy fighters, e.g. every one seem to be able to either rage (as in berserker rage) or do the kensai ability etc.

So I wonder, what type of setting would be the most RPG wise to use? The only downside with "improved" settings for me seem to be the fact that enemy mages don't use invisibility purge abilities, e.g. if I hide away in the Mislead spell or so - this should make illusion spells superpowerful.

Thanks and have a great day in these troublesome times :)



  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,193
    I have everything to maximum and then some, but that's what I play for, with little regard for RP.

    SCS is designed to "play fair", but that doesn't necessarily mean RP appropriate. It definitely has some over the top scaling in places if you slide it all the way.

    That being said, where you draw the line is subjective, because RP is subjective. The solution is probably to use the slider as a general base, and then fine-tune as needed based on what you think is most appropriate to your interpretation. That's what modding is all about in the first place: to give you the gameplay experience YOU prefer, rather than some one-size-fits-all solution.

    So I'd start with the slider on a level you generally feel comfortable with, and whenever you encounter something you feel goes against your preference, you can use the fine-tuning tool to adjust it accordingly. If you're more ambitious, you can even go beyond the tool and use something like NearInfinity to manually adjust things further. Never let the "vision" of mods and mod makers stand in the way of personal customization :)

    I personally don't put too much stock in "the original vision", and think it's a flawed approach in games where your personal game only affects you and not other people (obviously it's different when it comes to competitive/multiplayer games). I respect the creators, and their interpretation of the game and the rules - but I don't hold them to be sacrosanct, or inviolate, or even anything more than one particular facet in a whole nexus of possibilities. Customization above all things! If you disagree with D&D lore, Baldur's Gate's developers, or SCS's creators - that's totally fine, in my book. As is adhering to their ideas even more closely, of course. Any which way you choose! Emphasis on YOU choose.

    SCS is nice because it's not too contrived, but it does take liberties and its boundaries are fluid when it comes to RP adherence. That's fine. What's important is to find your own boundaries, and define where you want to intersect or overlap them with others, and where you don't. Have no fear! Do not let your imagination be unduly fettered. I see only too often how people can be 'afraid' to transcend the boundaries of RP and lore and "design intent". There's nothing wrong with deciding to stay within the lines, as long as it's an actual decision, and not just a reaction to some sort of perceived transgression you don't want to commit. Nonsense. Play what you enjoy!

  • MWOMWO Member Posts: 206
    Thanks guys for your comments!

    Wonderful display - I've decided to run with Improved settings as this makes the game more RP/story. I also don't wanna abuse the "cheese" in the game, so I suppose this will suffice. Also, the enemy still seem reasonably smart, not superdumb as without SCS install.

    Have a great day now!

  • MWOMWO Member Posts: 206
    AHA! I've found another tweak about the "improved" settings.

    Unfortunately, it seems that you'll always get full hp on level up (or character creation). However, if you move the difficulty slider up to "tactical" this is removed (back to ad&d rules).

    In the options tab you've a possibility to check "Full hp on level up" but it seems to be disabled with the latest SCS installment.

    Anybody else experienced this?

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,193
    Pretty sure you can manually tweak SCS, either through the game's actual in-game menu or a SCS config file. You don't just have the slider.

  • OrlonKronsteenOrlonKronsteen Member Posts: 777
    edited May 11
    MWO wrote: »
    Anybody else experienced this?

    I've not come across this. The general game options (such as full hp on level up) have always remained in place for me. But like Lord_Tansheron says, SCS v32 can be tweaked beyond the general difficulty slider. Here's a link to a post I made about this in the SCS thread.

    Edit: v32 can also be further customized by using the console, using override files, and by editing the .ini file before installation. The SCS readme is your best friend here. Forgive me if you're already aware of this, but I thought I'd mention it.

  • MWOMWO Member Posts: 206
    Ah, even better! I noticed now that you can actually change the installment of SCS ingame - awsome! :smiley:

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