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BG1 NPC Pack mod for Android 2.5.17 without Windows



  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,702
    Hi @dipsetdipsetdipset, righteo... Still can't believe I did it Polish. I suspect that is because it was all setup that way the last time I made a mod in this folder...

    Now for the bad news. I have been playing with Shadow Magic today due to a problem and found that in its current form, it doesn't sit well with in Android OS. If you still want it, you may need to edit your .obb file to run it properly (although I haven't yet tested it this way, I should have done so by the weekend). The edit is quite easy to do.

    Let me know if you still want it, and I will put it together (in English).

  • dipsetdipsetdipsetdipsetdipsetdipset Member Posts: 7
    Hi @Gusinda I wish that I understood Polish, I bet the new voices would make the game fresh haha.

    I would like to have shadow magic if possible. I think I could handle editing the .obb file. I have your trilogy modfile installed on SOD and a different modfile with shadow magic and other stuff installed on BG2. Do you think I'll have to make similar edits to those .obb files as well?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,702
    @dipsetdipsetdipset, I have redone the modfile and hopefully it will turn out as expected...

    If you have problems with creating a Male Shadow Adept (invalid text), then I would suggest that you modify your .obb and rename the dialog.tlk as discussed. I say this as it was working on my system, but when I grabbed my wife's tablet, I found it wasn't working there. The conversation in the linked thread above also suggests that the problem affected others. There have been other instances (which can be found somewhere in these forums) where forumites were able to create a female [pick a class in Shadow Magic] but unable to create a male version. Let me know if you have any problems with the edit but I am sure you wont.

    To install this modfile, unpack into the /Files folder (so that you have the in the root of Files and an override folder).


    Attached is also the WeiDU.log if you want to know exactly what is in it.

    Sorry about the mess-up previously!


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