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  • MurissokahMurissokah Member Posts: 7
    edited June 2020
    Ulb wrote: »
    Murissokah wrote: »
    I think the problem is that we all have our own head-canon version of these NPCs and those differ for each of us. No mod that adds to those NPCs will ever manage to match every player's expectations.

    Agree with you there, extending existing written work is very tricky even for accomplished professional writers.
    Well, there are evil options at least. Honestly, a lot of the vanilla BG2 quests have far less and much worse 'evil options'.

    Yeah, vanilla had more than a few moments that made no sense for an evil party. I was just pointing out I didn't feel the mod did particularly well there either.
    My personal issue with the mod is how it basically forces all of it's exposition dialogue onto you, without giving your character a say in it.
    There are a few dialogue options like 'I don't care' and 'I don't want to know' but using those does nothing, the NPCs will just ignore you and go on with their tales.

    This isn't so obvious on your first play-through, especially when you play as a bard (for which this mod was very obviously written) but if you've played it a few times and play a character that wouldn't really care too much about the sad and oh-so-ambiguous back story it can get a bit grating.
    (In my personal installation I actually add a few more dialogue options so I can give those NPCs a piece of my mind.)

    It seemed to me that the author intended to expand a bit on the options, but couldn't get to it. It's a lot of work, so understandable.
    All in all though TWQ is a very, very well done mod and I'd strongly recommend it to anyone.

    It is indeed. Re-reading my previous message I feel I dwelled too much on the negatives, despite the fact that I enjoyed the mod.

  • MurissokahMurissokah Member Posts: 7
    edited June 2020
    @LavaDelVortel ,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, I frankly didn't expect this community to be very active, so positively surpised here.
    ...but there is another thing that stops me from that (and from updating the dialogue lines). The mod is now translated into 7 different languages and EVERY change would mean conctacting 7 different representantives of those translations and testing of 7 versions and STILL the mod would be something that's not like "wow". That's mostly why I am only doing some bugfixing when I have no other choice. This mod is... well... old. And I made it when I was less experienced. Compare it to Southern Edge and Ooze's Lounge and you will know what I mean.

    Sounds like a lot of work. If you ever get to work on the mod for whatever reason it be great if you'd consider these thoughts, but no expectations, really. Wouldn't want you to take time from other things for this. We all have lives, after all.
    @Murissokah @Ulb
    Anyway, thanks for playing. I am not saying I will ignore those comments, I am seriously considering some changes, but I can't promise them as I have no idea how much work and time some stuff require and I am unsure if that's worth it. But let me think about it for another while.

    I hope there are some other mods I made that let you have some joy from playing and that you will enjoy my new work when it's released.

    I did enjoy the mod, I guess my overly critical side got the better of me when posting. It's among the best quest mods out there.

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 1,793
    Hey, it's ok! I am still an active modder, even though it gets harder and harder considering that I can no longer just write new stuff, because I have to update old mods once in a while... Anyway, as I said, this is not my favorite mod so I don't mind people not liking some stuff here as even I don't like a thing or two... or five :P

  • UlbUlb Member Posts: 295
    Now I will enjoy the mod even more, thank you!

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,611
    Jan expanded quest

    this mod adds a new quest after jan's official one where he deals with lissa's husband by sabotaging his operations. it was originally in french and the writing does show. jan is written oddly as unlike his official quest he is still going on about his story.

    his stories in general also never felt that in character it felt less janish and more like something jole bindo from kotor would tell.

    they are also not in a wall of text like in vanilla and other mods and it's very noticeable. cn also seems to be more annoyed by jan''s long winded stories in ther choices which never really happend in vanilla.

    none of the new areas are in the game world and the mod has you teleport to most of them that arnt two bars. and the mod over all has alot of script trigger issues and forced me to reload twice.

    overall i found this mod not that great. it's nice that jan is given new content but the quest overall is very short and basic with a long cutscene near the end where you have no imput.

    if anything it made me wish jan had his own expansion mod [ like all things mazzy] to flesh out his character.

  • skushaskusha Member Posts: 67
    megamike15 wrote: »
    Jan expanded quest

    if anything it made me wish jan had his own expansion mod [ like all things mazzy] to flesh out his character.
    I agree, a single mod for Jan, in the same way as All things Mazzy certainly not enough in the game. :(

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