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HoF or LoB mode for OC and other campaigns

StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 884
I have been playing the OC again. Some may find it boring, but I like it.

This time around I started with a level 5 character in chapter 1 (no gear and no money) and saw how the encounters scaled. It was a real treat, and just goes to show how awesome a game it is.

Whilst hacking my way through some of the encounters, I stumbled on this old discussion from the Ironwork forums:

The discussion led my mind wander and think. What if we could have an NWN version of the Heart of Fury (IWD) or Legacy of Bhall (BG:ee trilogy)?

I would enjoy some tougher opponents and way more XP. In BG you dont have to worry about XP, whilst in NWN you can end up level 28 or so if you played OC and HoU. If would enjoy a campaign where the level cap was more than an illusion - and where the foes of course followed suit.

How about it? Yay or meh?

PS. Playing the game on Switch so I cant change the files my self..
Pps. And whilst youre at it Trent, add some stat altering tomes to the loot table... we all luv them



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