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The Party That Never Was (possible minor spoilers)

I recently posted about the characters you can get in your party and who to have and who to leave out. You find it here:

It got me thinking about some of the other amazingly written NPCs you meet during your adventure that could have also been interesting characters to travel with TNO. So here's my shortlist.

Alais - A clueless Prime berk who is a self proclaimed 'warrior of great renown'. I feel he's like a classic fantasy knight who got blasted to Sigil by an evil wizard. Would have been a change of pace to have someone in the party who is just amazed by everything and keeps misquoting bits of planar knowledge.

Mantuok - sure he's a snivelling alcoholic so and so but he's also a wererat wizard with an evil book that talks to him. Would be a great addition to an evil TNOs party.

Ebb Creakknees - old Ebbs a thoroughly helpful bloke who used to be a crime fighter back in the day. I reckon he could still rough it with the best of them and tell a few old stories along the way.

That's just my initial thoughts. Of course their stories would need to be expanded to give them reason to want to go through all the challenges ahead of TNO, but it's the character concepts and the potential of these NPCs that grabbed me.

Feel free to comment or add your own 😁


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