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Cursed Valygar play-through.



  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    edited September 2020
    Did you know the Harper's have it in for Valygar? The ranger was 'questioned' by the Harpers and then attacked. After butchering the lot of them, Valygar went into hiding.

    The first couple of hours, Valygar and the party hid inside Valygar's house. The one in the Dock district. There's only so much six people can do inside a stuffy room or two, so the party made a break for it. Camping at Valygar's secondary base of operations was a sensible choice. Apart from the odd attack from cave bears. Those damn cave bears.

    Eventually the party was found and ambushed by Harpers and had the same process occur again and again. Eventually Jaheira disappered...

    Time for a rescue. To put a long story sort, the Harper problem came to an end and Jaheira was rescued. All's well that ends well. SET SAIL!

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  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    edited September 2020
    Our cursed hero Valygar is beginning to lose trust in and grow suspicious of Bodhi. Once she had left, Keldorn and Korgan suggested the party drop in at the nearest tavern. Which they did. Looking for a drink and seeking information.

    Of course. An assassin teleported in and killed Valygar's contact. The rage of the two berserking warriors resulted in the deaths of a seated pirate and poor Pirate Scotty. Interestingly, the rest of the bar didn't dare start a bar fight and pretended they didn't see anything.

    From here on, the party broke into a house. Killed a mage, walked into SpellHold. On sight attacked the Spellhold coordinator who disappeared and then Valygar was tossed into umm something and experimented on.

    This was always going to be a main part of the cursed run. Stat draining. Valygar sacrificed 1 point of intelligence. No longer at double figures for that stat.

    You might be wondering how I managed to get past the Bhaal dream section if Valygar auto berserks at the sight of an enemy. Well luckily, Imoen and Bhaal both follow you to enage in a conversation. So Valygar got Imoen to the door on her side, and got Bhaal to the door on his side before talking to him and then quickly walking through the door. Sneaky. Sneaky.

    By now you know I don't like Imoen. I have a thread on this somewhere. Valygar for some strange reason, just ignored her and abandoned her! It's not business, it's personal.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    The Cursed saga continues.

    After escaping from Bodhi's maze and somehow convincing the test coordinator that he was fully sane, a battle against Irenicus was fast approaching. Killing Lonk the Sane (peace was never an option) the crazed inmates were recruited to Valygar's cursed cause.

    As can be shown in the below screenshot, the battle was complete chaos.

    Irenicus had made a dash for it.

    Dealing with Irenicus's henchmen the parties singular goal was to track the mage down. And give him a violent death. Valygar thought it best to cut out the middleman and go through the portal. There was no time to waste in the cursed rangers view. So Valygar lead the way through the portal...

    ..All the way into the darkness of the Underdark. Stumbling into the path of a Drow war party, Valygar made a curious discovery... A NEW CURSED ITEM! Valygar found_ Backbiter +3 a cursed weapon which damages it's own wielder.

    Instructing Keldorn to equip it, as it ''suited him'' Keldorn was the newest member of the party to be cursed. It did prove a handy weapon as the party fought and destroyed a powerful demon. Soon after, Valygar meet the silver dragon and he and the party had their forms changed to that of the Drow.

    Entering and exploring the Drow City the party found another cursed item. The Bracers of binding. With a THACO and damage penalty of minus 5. Perfect for Rasaad.

    The Cursed run is getting even better! With 5/6 of the party cursed, and one member Dorn being seriously nerfed. Reminder_ Dorn has 1 constitution and is a fallen blackguard.

    Do you want to see Rasaad's before and after pictures? They are below under spoilers. He goes from 0 thaco to 7 and from 5-24 damage to 0-19 meaning that he has the chance to not even damage enemies.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    What's been happening in the city of the Drow?

    Well Valygar's been sent on some fetch quests by his Drow superiors. Mindflayers were fought and Beholders were ambushed. The longer Valygar stays in the city the more he feels he might berserk and attack a Drow, giving himself away. Valygar wants to get out of the city as soon as possible. Once he's found some more cursed items.

    Those cursed items would have to wait, some deep gnomes were asking to be killed. Keldorn protested the matter and Valygar changed his mind. He would spare the deep gnomes.

    Which he did. After some time something of interest popped up. Breaking into a liches house not once but twice the Lich was killed. Dorn played a big role in the Liches death. With some rapid firing with arrows disrupting the liches ability to cast spells.

    In the Treasure room of the Lich a magnificent powerful cursed ring was picked up by Valygar. The ring was The Jester's Folly. With penalties of minus fifty percent dexterity and stealth and the seventy five percent chance of spellcasting failure. Valygar equipped it. BELOW - Is the before and after.

    Look at that AC go down! Valygar also can't technically even wear his own family armor anymore. Is the ranger a disgrace to his family? Yeah. He probably is. Anyway below are the official stats. I did the math and Valygar originally had 85 points for all of his stats (Pre-Curse). Currently Valygar has 71 points so the Stalker has lost 14 points in total this play-through.

    Valygar. Poor Valygar has lost 14 points in all stat areas, half of his stats are not even in the double digits anymore and he can't even wear his own armor or wield his own sword anymore. Crazy! This challenge is really challenging as the more the difficulty increases, the weaker the party gets through the cursed nature of this play-through. Tune in for more and please share this play-through to everyone you know.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    Valygar had a ritual to attend and disrupt. Which truthfully, was done very well.

    Found out. Exposed. The party barely escaped the fury of the Drow City. They immediately headed to the Silver Dragon's cave with the Eggs (which were almost forgotten about in all the excitement). Adalon stayed true to her word and helped the party escape.

    Rising from the depths of the Underdark, Valygar was heavily questioned and then was free to leave. He had been given the task of finishing his former master, Bodhi once and for all. What was the first thing Valygar did? Go after Bodhi, fight evil or perhaps find an alternative way to find Irenicus? No. Instead he went looking for more cursed items.

    Such as this Plate.

    This segment I will call: A suitable wearer for the Cursed Plate.
    Contestant 1 - #Dorn

    Dorn put on the plate and... oh. He died from it's effects.

    Dorn dying so unexpectedly made the entire party flee in terror! Just look at Dorn's stats after wearing the Plate (time for a reload). Screenshots of both below.

    Contestant 2 - #Keldorn
    Hmmm. Keldorn seems like a much more suitable wearer for T'rachie's Plate +5.

    Updated Keldorn stats below. The longer this play-through goes on and the difficulty increases, the harder it gets as more cursed items are found and weaken the party.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,805
    Incidentally, the standard 14 Con version of Dorn doesn't really lose anything from wearing that cursed plate ... aside from it not being all that great as armor.

    But yes, Con going down to zero causes death. This was an entirely predictable turn of events.

    Incidentally - it's not documented in-game, but Keldorn's armor requires 15 Str, 2 Int, 16 Wis, 17 Con, and 18 Cha to equip. That's why it's showing up red for him; two stats too low. Keldorn's sword also has those Con and Cha requirements, so he couldn't use it either if you got rid of his cursed spear.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    The Hunt for Bodhi.

    Recruiting help from the Radiant Heart and Drizzt, the party entered the Graveyard district. The allies in Valygar's cause, the Order of the Radiant Heart didn't stick around long as the ''fool'' Valygar attacked them (by accident).

    Valygar didn't mean to betray the Radiant Heart of course, but was left to his own devices when fighting the rest of Vampires. The party did meet up with Drizzt who helped as well. Entering Bodhi's lair, Vampires and the dark minions of Bodhi's were wiped out and Bodhi herself was killed.

    After a small process Valygar entered the elf city. Nothing could stop the cursed members reaching Irencius now. Hold on. Sorry, the street were filled full of Irencius's servants. Trolls, Golems and magical creatures of all sorts. One of which was a dragon.

    Valygar tried flattering the great big dragon but it only seemed to make the dragon angrier. With no other options left, the Dragon attacked.

    Three members died. Three members were revived and put on their cursed items and weapons again. What a brutal fight that was.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    The Dragon was slayed! But that didn't change the current circumstances, the city streets contained dangerous foes. Carefully collecting the required items to summon help, Rasaad made a direct beeline for the temple altar which was Valygar's command.

    The party was saved from a difficult fight, aided by the summoned avatar. Jaheira commented on some sort of ''madness'' related to Irenicus. Valygar misunderstood and thought the ''madness'' comments were about him.

    Luckily through summoning help, all of the remaining enemies in the city streets were killed. That was good news for Valygar because it's no secret the current party is in a very weak, cursed condition. The party had avoided as many enemies as possible in the elven city. So now they were free to walk around freely.

    Valygar thanked the Elven god for his help, by placing his dirty boots on the altar.

    As the city streets and buildings were free of enemies, the party walked into the High Priest's house without being attacked and picked up a powerful belt which increases strength. Who better to give the belt of strength to then Keldorn?

    Ironic. Keldorn has increased strength, which only harms him further through the cursed weapon he possesses.

    Drawing ever closer to Irenicus, a final battle with the Evil Elven Mage loomed.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    The journey was nearing to an end. Climbing among the Elven treetops, Valygar and his assortment of cursed fellows were fast approaching ''the final confrontation with Jon Irenicus'' as described by Valygar himself. Resting up the party approached him at night. Irenicus was surrounded.

    Irenicus had much to say and then the battle started. Keldorn and Jaheira dispelled Irenicus and his magic numerous times. Korgan got mazed. Dorn was killed by a deadly spell cast by Irenicus.

    The final blows had fallen to Valygar and the monk Rasaad but through Keldorn and Jaheira the Elven Mage was truly defeated.

    Irenicus had been killed and for just a short moment all was right with the world. Then Valygar started to have a strange feeling. The feeling grew as did Valygar's doubts. And the party was sucked. Nay, dragged into hell.

    The Ranger cursed his luck. Scouting the landscape there were many strange staircases and an odd door. The party went down one of the staircases and learnt that each staircase was some sort of challenge, to acquire the tears of bhaal. Giving into his pride Valygar agreed to kill a creature of power.

    Valygar had at long last fallen. As a consequence of his choices and actions. That didn't stop the Fallen Ranger from killing the powerful creature.. which was a dragon by the way.

    I hope you are enjoying this. Cursed Baldur's Gate Playthrough. So far. Tune in for more.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    Hell is a sinister and scary place. Keldorn struck up a conversation with Valygar congratulating him on something. ''I understand congratulations are due to you Valygar''
    What for? And why now? Valygar was confused.

    Oh. That's why. Keldorn was congratulating Valygar on his recent transformation into a Fallen Stalker. Brushing off the praise as the party had ''work to do'' the group trudged onwards.

    Enraged by Sarevok's taunts Valygar attacked Sarevok which was not very diplomatic or peaceful of the now Fallen Ranger. Next up Valygar refused a demon's offer of a powerful new cloak. It made perfect sense after all. Why would the group strengthen and protect themselves when they could become weaker and more cursed?

    Walking down another set of stairs hoping for some cursed items in hell and not more tests the party got more tests. Valygar sacrificed himself for his teammates and he lost a point of dexterity. Nice. Collecting all of the tears of bhaal eventually our cursed hero experienced a crazy alignment switch. Valygar is now Neutral Evil.
    The party is now ready to open up that weird door and locate Irenicus.

    Irenicus, Valygar and everyone else concerned had words. Speaking of words Korgan doesn't like them too much.

    Keldorn had an early prediction ahead of the last battle. Would the cursed party prevail? Keldorn was hellbent on destroying the evil mage and this was going to be a battle of the ages. I should mention that the party had ''buffed'' up for the last fight. Potions of heroism, regeneration and invulnerability were drunk.

    Now for story telling purposes I will be dividing the pre-battle scenes from the actual battle and aftermath of the battle. So look forward to that in my next post! The stage has been set.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    The final battle at long last!

    Irenicus teleported in with demons and the party had to fight for their lives against the fierce attacks of the demons. Those demons were relentless. The parties summons were killed, Dorn died but was brought back to live, Keldorn was approaching near death and Korgan and Valygar were attacking each other after slaying the final demon.

    Healing up and chugging potions, the group had a clear strategy for facing Irenicus. This involved Dorn turning into a Mustard jelly and sucking up the mages spells, while Valygar and Korgan attacked Irenicus. Jaheira and Keldorn's roles were to constantly dispel Irenicus's magic, cast true sight and heal party members (Keldorn could do this through items). Rasaad's role was a mixture of the others but more offensive.
    The party threw everything including the kitchen sink at Irenicus.

    At one point, constantly having his magic disrupted Irenicus couldn't fight back and was being pummeled with attacks. Jon Irenicus was like a punching bag. Standing still and absorbing punishment.

    This spelled the end for Jon Irenicus. Funny enough once defeated Irenicus said ''Curse you Valygar''. Which is funny because Valygar is cursed.

    Korgan wouldn't let up. Attacking the mage as Valygar... cast magic? Interesting.

    SHADOWS OF AMN COMPLETED. Tune in for Throne Of Bhaal. Can the cursed party conquer the most mightiest and deadliest of the bhaalspawn?

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    Aerie note: I am looking forward to Throne of Bhaal. There will be opportunities to curse the party even more! Firstly the machine of Lum the mad. The machine of Lum the mad with the wrong combinations has great penalties. Combinations done incorrectly on purpose can result in losing one point of intelligence and one point of dexterity. Imagine Valygar having both stats down to the minimum.
    Sadly in one of the hell trials Valygar's strength increased by two. He's sacrificed everything for muscles.

    I plan on draining every single party members intelligence and dexterity to the lowest amounts possible. Mindflayers will become even more dangerous from the low intelligence in the party. How would those stat decreases impact Korgan?

    I have great plans in place! Did you know the deck of many things from watchers keep has the ability to turn the user into a rabbit {which has to be dispelled with a remove curse}. Spoiler I won't remove the curse! How would Jaheira look as a rabbit?

    The deck of many things can permanently lower saving throws in a negative way making them worse not better. One of the deck of many things cards can also permanently blind a user. The blindness can only be removed with a remove curse spell. Which one of Dorn or Rasaad should go blind and which one should have lowered saving throws?

    That is a small preview of the fun things to come. I am aware it will be a challenge. But this party did get through the first part of the game. You may have noticed all the companions inventory pictures before the chaos of TOB starts. Keldorn's is below.

  • AerieAerie Member Posts: 226
    The preview and buildup has been covered. Let Valygar's role in the Bhaalspawn saga unfold. Tracked down by another Bhaalspawn and her followers Valygar was threatened.

    The battle started. Valygar attacked Korgan and Korgan attacked Jaheira. Jaheira was brutally killed by Korgan. Korgan then turned around and attacked Valygar back.
    Knowing that this was an important life and death situation, the party had to save Valygar. That meant killing Korgan as fast as possible, to save the fallen ranger from dying at Korgan’s hands.

    Things didn’t really payoff, as the next target for Valygar in his berserking state was Dorn. Dorn ran for his life, as Valygar chased after him. While all this was happening Keldorn ended up killed himself from his cursed weapon. The fight was turning into a disaster.

    Only three members of the party remained. While Rasaad was doing his best trying to fight and drink potions, sadly the monk couldn’t hold them all off and he died too. Shortly after the fallen Blackguard Dorn who had been fleeing into the woods died. From his own party members hand.
    And then… and then there was one. Just Valygar all by himself. Valygar decided to have a rest, a nap for 8 hours while in hiding. ‘’Damn!’’, ‘’I can’t revive the others because the resurrection rod is not on Dorn’s body’’. AERIE NOTE: As Dorn had given Jaheira the resurrection stick at the start of the battle.

    Valygar looked for help and guidance from the spirit heads. But none was there.

    Valygar knew the only chance of winning was to sneak across as best he could, and retrieve the rod. That way he could bring his party members back from the dead. He wasn’t close enough to picking it up however.
    Sighted by the enemy, Valygar lost control and charged towards the Black Reavers. One Black Reaver fell. Valygar turned his attention to to Illasera, and the stakes were high extremely intense.

    A desperate fight, all by himself, the Bhaalspawn hunters had the cursed fallen ranger in a struggle for life itself. As Valygar traded blows with his foes, he was losing his life force. Fighting to the end, Valygar was killed. As he breathed his last breath, Valygar couldn’t believe it. He had met his end in this fashion…

    In a trance like state Valygar had flashbacks throughout his journey, the first cursed weapons and items, the early quests, his dead companions beside him, siding with Bodhi, Irenicus’s death and then nothing but darkness as he lost his vison and his feet leapt back in the air.

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