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Paid Android IAP Content Inaccessible in game. Please Help.

IdeasofMarchIdeasofMarch Member Posts: 14
edited October 2020 in Troubleshooting
Hello everyone. Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place (Sorry about that! If anyone can move this to appropriate thread please do so )but re surfacing after a long lurk phase in order to report an issue I have encountered within the android version of BG EE & BG 2 EE and seek help if possible.

Not sure if this is a bug but I have bought in app purchases (Dorn, Neera, portrait pack, soundset) for Baldur' s Gate EE and Baldur's Gate 2 EE on android (Google Play Store) a while back, yet as of today the games will not recognize my purchases and when I started a new playthrough I saw that Dorn and Neera vanished completely along with the purchased portraits and soundsets. I have now tried clicking "buy" several times in order to restore my purchases however all I get is a message saying I 'have already bought this item'.
I can not access said paid item.
Also when I open BG 2 EE the "restore purchase" button is unclickable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Is anyone aware of an upcoming patch? Really frustrated that my fave character (Dorn) has completely been wiped among other things and it takes the joy out of a game I've enjoyed for over 20 years.

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