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Unable to sine in with beamdog client confusion

ArchMage_SplatArchMage_Splat Member Posts: 12

Btw hello all =)

About my self:
i run a computer shop from home, buy/sell/trade/fix/sorry no house calls covids :( etc.
Computer system/network/data admin as a hobby, bin a nwn dev, server owner,guild leader etc

So long story short old Video game Nerd here, started playing video games before they had cartridges,
before Atari2600 1970~2021, systems.
You name it, played it or something like it.

Still have my US Robotics 56k V92 full hardware external dile-up modem.
Nwn works good on that btw, I mean the none EE Disks I have err games ...

Started playing nwn when it started, more then 12 people on server = lag lol.

Started when i was 8 or something when it comes to video games and well 40 years later know what ?

I got old, that's about it and maybe too old for the times or something seeing as i'm not understanding what i'm seeing at my end as i try to buy the game "NWN EE" and from what i'v read so far on the forum I mean I can't get the client to work and why would I even need it might be a better question,

Got a per-payed plastic cash card and was hoping to join the NWN EE party in this part of the world because half the servers came here given time hoping to get more player base and some new life in a old dieing game "aka best video game for AD&D" made to date imho.

I own all CD,DVD of all the games you are ummm re-bagging with new support it seems and a face lift.

I know :/
The down side of pay once games for the ones that made the game, long-term support is kinda a problem for this kind of setup for the player base and makers of the game is if drags cult stile like some of the games have on the world sometimes anyways off-topic.

And now to be 100% on topic and to the point questions wise -_-

Id like to buy the game.

I don't use steam.

I like to not use your client seeing as it looks like a network infection from a Bot-net, are you a torrent client data mining my hdd or something ?

Can I play the game 100% offline with no internet just like the old game.

From what i understand to be offline you need to log in online and to be online is to be offline like on a computer deep woods with no internet for 100 miles your game works right on lan with ip connections NOOOO internet for anywhere, maybe 56k modems still work on a lan line keyword " no internet" and the game i want to buy i want it in iso offline full installer.

Is this what you sell for $20 when it comes to NWN EE , all i want and its 100% supported correct ?

Someone needs to explain the following images, as well i need to know what all network ports do and if ports need to be forwarded, i have like 3x hardware firewalls "expert wire-shark/Zmap user" back to back and the TCPip pic looks like a torrent client with AIDS in my network stack, why do you need 20 ports open with loopbacks like wtf is this ....

Expert network help needed cus i'm just not understanding and if you think i'm going to DMZ port *
or something i don't know what to say.

Normal nwn needs one port 5120, explain why your client for offline game needs to phone home with 20x ports....

PS i only join games with the in-game client in nwn "work good right with out your client, hosting master server right? is EE" and direct IP.


  • ArchMage_SplatArchMage_Splat Member Posts: 12
    forgot to say win7 64Bit fresh install, router setup open-wrt / DD-wrt / Defalt firmware / OpnSense /wire-shark / Nmap / think 6x full tower 6x router IPS with Honeypot servers.
    Why do you need all the ports, just want to buy a game and play it like we always did updated version.

    Their a firewall guide somewhere for this nightmare that i missed somewhere in the forum O_o
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,418
    Hi! If you have problems with the Beamdog Client, you can find your Steam key for NWN:EE in your account on For NWN:EE as the game, you need to do some port-forwarding:
  • ArchMage_SplatArchMage_Splat Member Posts: 12
    Ty for your time and understanding in advance JuliusBorisov.

    I see you try and help many on this forum and i thank you for your help.

    Sorry if it all came out in a rage one shot like that in a wall of text wiki stile with bad spelling and grammar :/

    I use to be a forum junky/ admin / mod once years ago but not atm when it comes to video games online.

    Gave up online gaming for many a year, trying to get back in to it, don't want to get in to why i took a walk from online gaming but the road video games for pc starting going down i could not follow.

    Forgive me if i seem noob in the "new world older" of whatever you call pc gaming in this day and age.

    Anyways ....

    Quote: you need to do some port-forwarding:

    That's for the game ports only and not your client and "BY" steam you mean "NO STEAM INSTALLED WORKS ON LAN OR ANY IP I WANT MANUALLY NWN EE ONLY INSTALLED NO DRM IN GAME SERVER TRACKER WORKS"

    correct ?

    To play online you need a Valid CD only Correct with only NWN EE installed.

    correct ?

    So what your saying is no one even needs to install your client or the steam client and everything works

    correct ?

    I get the cdkey from your home page i reged in to i'm guessing is what your saying O_o
    You could Email me my CDkey too.

    Quote "Steam key" i don't use steam and will not install this app.

    I don't use steam, the CDkey i use when installing the game offline with no DRM correct ?

    Just trying to play one server in nwn EE for the most part of rejoin whats left of us online.

    Fav nwn servers "Full PVP" all most no rules servers
    Badlands "sup Highv" still running the place probably ..... *grins*
    Dungeon eternal "have copy"

    Mikes bot-d ~ War for middle earth Arena "have copy's"
    i should host this one, we need a better then LOL or Dota , we made it better and first.

    I download the full offline *.ISO no DRM NWN EE Offline full installer that i burn on to DVD where once i payed for the game ?

    Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition - PC

    UDP: 5112

    Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition - Steam

    TCP: 27015-27030,27036-27037
    UDP: 4380,5121,27000-27031,27036

    Btw i will not install BOT-NET you have no human rights legally on steam lack of privacy agreement client,

    understand ?

    Is steam/internet/your client a requirement to play NWN EE online\offline ?

    PS: The beamdog client installs/uninstalls out giving me ANY legal agreement, id like to see the legal agreement for that piece of software, where might i find it ?
  • ArchMage_SplatArchMage_Splat Member Posts: 12
    just going with what it saying on your home page in regards to what is needed to play the game, you know system requirements.


    Internet not needed.
    Steam client not needed.
    Beamdog client not needed.
    Legal agreements not needed in *.EXE installers, that's a new one.

    link plz to the full offline installer "no DRM" ISO if you would be so kind anyone, with legal agreements this time would be nice.

    i see your "game launcher" or whatever you call that pos app doesn't come with one so i'm hoping the game you sell and modded "NWN EE" douse i hope ?

    Seems your 20x network ports camper with loopback too "game launcher" or whatever you call that app is lacking one, legal agreement that is and as far as privacy is considered Facebook twitter and steam and the like are death to the world so ill take a pass on that one from a DRM and Privacy point of view.

    Sorry but my privacy is not for sale.
    Zero cloud in this part of the world friend, different name for that is a Botnet with no legal agreements in different times.

    BTW what i do what with your Steam CDkey ? confused.

    At what point in the offline install do it use the key to install the game on a computer with no internet connection .... to lan game.......maybe direct ip on 2x 56k modems loopback stile just for a laff

    I mean the EE version better right, if not sorry highv/badlands sevrer but ill host badlands server with out steam seeing as i was a dev remember ;)

    I has full copy older version but it do.

    that and War for middle earth as well , id host em in EE just seems to be a problem with me spending $20 on a game i all ready own for some "patch" or whatever that makes it better or something so i can join ya on the other place by ip, be nice to see the old gang sometimes for a $20 for the devs worth it, but to get the game working did it have to be this ball busting ....

    PSL anyone have a copy of BoW Arena server, don't have a copy of that one ;)
  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 857
    edited May 2021
    You can 100% play the built-in single player campaigns offline.

    You can buy the Enhanced Edition without DRM and without having to fiddle around with steam/Beamdog/other helper clients via (they'll try to get you to download GOG Galaxy as a helper program but they do at least still offer standalone packages). To my knowledge Beamdog has never actually had a standalone installer for NWN:EE (they used to offer standalone installers for the other games, but they switched to distributing via the Beamdog Client before NWN:EE was finished)

    With that said... 99% of what the Enhanced Edition does is make the game both compatible with and easily launchable under 64-bit processors (the original releases predominately used 16-bit installer programs, which more or less stops them in their tracks nowadays).

    The Steam CD Key is for getting a copy of the game via Steam, which you've already said you have no intention of installing Steam (I have a similar situation on my laptop, but that's less because I don't want to deal with potential botnets and more I just don't want to enable multiarch)
  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 857
    edited May 2021
    @JuliusBorisov The issue at hand here is that Archmage_Splat wants to be able to play NWN:EE's single player campaign with zero internet traffic while playing, and sees the opened ports while the game is running as a potential hack entrypoint. Similarly, they want a standalone download instead of having to use Steam or the Beamdog Client or any other helper programs (hence why I refer them to GOG) since they also see those helper programs as both potential hack entrypoints and completely unnecessary.
  • ArchMage_SplatArchMage_Splat Member Posts: 12
    Agreed Pokota.

    A Voice of reason, TY :O)

    Btw i don't care about the offline gaming part for the game in question because i own all the real CD/DVD installers for them & played all the campaigns to the end a long time ago that are supported by beamdog.

    I all so played AD&D PNP for like 20 years or so, so yes hardcore player & D&D/DM PNP~NWN Vet with all the real books.

    From what i understand Pokota to go back to my home server that has sometimes 20 player base
    "i know not much" i need to pump out a $20 bill for a game i all ready own to play online for 50% of the nwn servers online, some didn't join the EE~steam bandwagon like my self.

    So to talk to the old gang and id like to it seems i need to upgrade my "already own a real copy of nwn diamond edition with a real CDkey" to the EE version.

    SO GoG "good old games" seems to be the only place where i can go to get a copy of said game, douse this game work online with beamdogs IP server list joining with IP only and all ports/steam ip's to steam blocked "black listed" in my firewall's.

    Only port ill leave open would be port 5112 and the direct ip to the server i wish to join.

    Any form of auto update "banned blocked"

    I kid you not ill put a full IP black list for steams "everything that touch ip list" in OPNsence and block all steam ip's, any port that the steam clients uses or go back to their servers "banned/blocked"
    That goes for Facebook/tic toc/twitter as well, the enemy's of the human race imho as far as human rights/privacy in censored.

    Any attempted to connect to my computers will be considered a network attack from said party's.

    K ill let the secret out, i was a Helper Dev on Badlands sever "no rules pvp" i made/added the Sword of truth on that server and the levels for it and more.

    Badlands server is whats left of the pvp community in nwn that use to play on servers like DeX/badlands/arena BoW / war for middle earth arena nwn pvp "that's better then dota or Lol" and the like, we didn't have the player base to fill 6x pvp servers anymore so it came down to just badlands server for what was left of us.

    The hardcore PVP NWN player base :/

    Im old and i remember it all from 1mgz cpu single cores 64k ram computers, i saw how it all went bad, clients like Ea games origin or Vave Steam "face book/twitter/tic toc" + privacy = evil and my enemy.

    I'm the part of that cult following that resisted the move to how things are done now for online gaming.
    I stopped using windows starting with Vista, went hardcore Linux/UNIX past that point and held the line in WinXP till the bitter end for gaming, now i'm in win7 64bit.

    Only bin using it like 1/2 year, it's like all new for me when it comes to windows that is -_- and imho what you call PC online gaming in the year 2000+ is a horror.

    Fav distro kernel's "freeBSD & ubuntu"

    IMHO it Starting with punk-Buster "anyone remember that one" pure spyware Trojan DRM re-bagged as anti-cheat software, O and Starforce DRM , then came the free to play with no legal agreements spyware and DRM from hell game clients that you need internet to play single player offline like WTF.

    Things only got worse from their when it comes to spying on people, pay to win, micro transactions and the like Free to play Online Garbage, Cant even buy a game DVD at a store anymore like WTF.

    So i get the GOG EE copy, i install it , i enter the beamdog ip for a server in question and everything works yes ?

    That be nice, ill buy the GOG copy right now if that's the case.

    If not i all ready own the game for offline play.

    Ill pass on the bot-net ~ cloud ~ no legal agreement / i own you and you have no legal rights S.M.A.R.T ~ R.A.T Trojan horse software business models that came from a very sick minds that make people sick, just look at what going on with the kids in this day and age, take their smart from them and they can't function as human beings, their all becoming mentally ill, want links to 20x Doc movies saying so ?

    Off-topic from badlands 3k version, i was a dev remember....wouldn't mind rejoining my clan of old, the $20~$25 dollars isn't the problem.

    The Sword of Truth

    Special Onhit: 5% to knockdown any enemy struck for one round.

    A 5 + 1d10 magic damage bonus versus all enemies, if evil aligned.

    If enemy is a pale master, undead, evil or chaotic, this weapon will deal 3.3% of their total health as positive damage.

    There is also a 10% chance to deal an extra 20% of total hit points as divine damage, to undead, pale masters, evil and or chaotic creatures.


    The Sword of Truth is the weapon wielded by the Seeker of Truth.

    The sword is watched over by the First Wizard when there is no Seeker to wield it.

    Although it has very powerful magic, the most important thing to remember is that it is only a tool, and does not make the Seeker.

    The sword has the power to cut through anything that is perceived by the Seeker as the enemy.

    The only exception to this was a sword forged from 100 bloody tips of the armory of the Palace of the Prophets.

    The Sword of Truth's power comes from the righteous anger of its wielder, and glows red when this anger turns to rage. However, the sword can also be turned white should the user gain control of their anger and wield the blade with a heart full of love and forgiveness.

    Only during this state can the sword be used to slay an innocent.

    In order to use the blade, the wielder must be able to release their anger. The Sword of Truth causes a wielder who kills without releasing their anger the insufferable agony of fully realizing that they destroyed life.

    After many years of usage, the sword's manipulation of the Seeker's anger wears the Seeker down, and eventually consumes & destroys the soul of the seeker and turns the wielder into a spiritually and physically broken cripple of their former self,a truly ruined forum of life.

    Only the true Seeker, the one who can turn the blade white, is immune to this phenomenon and remains as they are.

    The true Seeker of Truth, the only one capable of turning the sword's blade white, does not need the sword in hand to call upon its power, for the sword's power is just a mirror image of their own.

    Sentient Weapon, possesses the soul of a unknown lesser deity.

    Random Epic music off-topic link, why , don't know i'm like that ;)
    Two Steps From Hell - 25 Tracks Best of All Time
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