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Summon moderator shortcut

mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,210
edited December 2012 in Site Resources
I was just thinking that whenever we need the intervention of a moderator in a thread we have two problems.

1) Knowing WHO is a moderator
2) Checking which moderators are online in the moment

The first is not a problem for old time posters, although it probably is for new members, but the second IS a problem for everyone if the problem needs to be solved quickly, such as someone posting a link to a pirated version of the game as you have to check the list of.who is online or just reference all moderators that come to your mind.

I'd like to suggest a general shotrcut for moderators, @ moderation, for instance, that would notify all moderators. It would be necessery that this shortcut accepts PM and moderators would have to have a way of marking the problem as solved so that it does not occupy other moderators time for nothing.

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LadyRhianJalily[Deleted User]Ilphalar


  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,210
    If this is not possible, maybe the list of who is online could be sorted so that moderators are displayed at the top...

    Dee[Deleted User]
  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,226
    edited December 2012
    An interesting thing you propose. Though I am not sure how they would feel about some fool (not you, just saying some people would) constantly pestering them with an @ mod shortcut It would probably be a good idea to at least make it more obvious who the mods are. I found out who one of them was early on and now they are kinda my "go to guy" for questions and such. I think I should just say that their job is probably harder than it looks and we probably shouldn't demand too much from them.
    Edit: Also I would like to point out that some mods are more equipped to handle our questions and such than others. Take Nathan for instance... he seems to be rather busy with bigger concerns, such as site maintenance, and probably doesn't have as much time to get involved in squabbles between forumers. It would probably be helpful to not only know who the mods are but also know who would be best to talk to.

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,210
    @Tresset It could work like a ticket system. And of course abuse would lead to a warning followed by ban...

    I think the easier way would be to place all moderators in the top of the online list. As I said the problem is when you have an emergency that must be brought to moderation attention immediately.

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,226
    I suppose. I'm kind of new here and I have never really had an emergency. I'm just interested in what the mods think of this (so far they seem to like it). I'm also a noob when it comes to forums. This is the first one I have had some serious involvement with.

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  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,210
    edited December 2012
    I have seem something I considered an emergency just once in the forums since I joined. Someone posted a link to download a pirated version of the game and that is the kind of thing that must be taken down ASAP.

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,226
    @Jalily I was thinking about this for a long time: You agree with the OP and yet you decided NOT to let people be able to see when you are on line. I find that a bit odd.

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