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Icewind Dale question

EnterHaerDalisEnterHaerDalis Member Posts: 812
edited August 2013 in Off-Topic
So it's been a longgg time since I've touched my Icewind Dale save game and I have a bit of an issue.

I left off being teleported from Lonelywood to Maluradek, but I can't figure out how to go backwards from Lonelywood. I just finished the entire trials of the luremaster portion of the game and now I guess I'm going to tackle the heart of winter portion. Taking a look at the Gamebanshee section, I didn't actually finish the core IWD areas. I'm pretty sure the last place I was was an area called the "Transition Area" in Wyrms Tooth. For some reason I got side stepped and went to Lonelywood and ended up on a different tangent

My question is this : How do I get back to Wyrms Tooth and finish the rest of the original story from Lonelywood? I can only access the Barbarian Camp. I feel so noob playing this game lol


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