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Phase I: Save Game Compatibility Test (COMPLETE)

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
edited November 2013 in The Road to v1.2
A few days ago I said that we would announce the open beta's release date when we were a week out. People seemed to like the transparency of that, but when you get down to it, that doesn't give anyone a realistic idea of how close we are. If you're wondering when the beta will start, all you have for information is vague references to "Soon™", and I think we can do better than that.

A lot better than that.

So here it is, the Road to v1.2:

1. Save Game Compatibility Test
2. Hardware Compatibility Test
3. Core Gameplay Test

At the end of Phase 3, anyone who bought the game through will have access to the Beta (both Windows and Mac).

4. Multiplayer Stress Test

Once phase 4 is complete, the patch will be officially released.

If you're interested in being a part of this process, keep reading.

- - -

1. Save Game Compatibility Test: 500/500

This patch is huge; make no mistake. There's a reason we're jumping from 1.0.2014 to 1.2. Part of our internal testing involves testing saved games. A lot of saved games.

We don't need any more saved games; thank you all for chipping in so eagerly!

To participate in this part of the process:

- Open your saved games directory (Documents\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\save\)
- Place the folder for your saved game (for example, "000000006-Dee's Save") in a zip file labeled "Save Game Test"
- Attach the zip file to an email with a subject of "Save Game Test" and send that email to me at [email protected]

Send additional saves as separate emails; that way we can keep track of which games we've tested.


Do not send modded saves or saves from modded games; they will not be tested.
Do not send Auto-Saves, Quick Saves, or Final Saves.

Once we have tested 500 saves we will move on to testing hardware compatibility.

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