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Should be Neeras, Dorns and Rasaads portraits baldurized in BG2EE?

DarkDoggDarkDogg Member Posts: 598
What do you think, should the portraits of Neera, Dorn and Rasaad be redrawn and baldurized in BG2EE like Jaheira, Minsc, Edwin, Viconia, Imoen BG1-->BG2 style?

Should be Neeras, Dorns and Rasaads portraits baldurized in BG2EE? 166 votes

Yes. They should be more BG2 stylish.
AranthyssmeagolheartrorikonDrugarJoeyMorieth28SpaceInvaderwojtekParysSanctiferXzarCosmoYemethVintrastormtatokFlashburnHejasBearThingbloomage09etagloc 93 votes
No. It's not a catostrophe if they are a lil'bit diffirent.
MERLANCEGodKaiserHellAkerhonlunarelminsterMornmagorlDanielHolmAphrilSilenceSolavDelvarianMuzzleSedOlleDenStoreshawneRickerzArcalianMortiannaAristilliusSCARY_WIZARD 46 votes
I don't care for NPC portraits.
TingelHuskarl2006NadroirdibmjsKRKKidCarnivalChinookUTzur312CptMacexenophon 11 votes
The devs should make a fan drawning contest and put the winner's baldurized portraits into the game.
DarkDoggXar105ShadowHunterartificial_sunlightFredjoCoryNewbNight_WatchmeaglothTethorilofLathanderjackjackBTpat 11 votes
I don't like the BG:EE portraits style at all.
AvengerLynxPermidion_StarkWandering_MinstrelSionIVzole052 5 votes


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