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Fixed Forum Compiled List, Pt 1

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This thread is intended to account for the plethora of fixes that are listed in the Fixed forum as having been fixed by the BGEE devs and/ or Beta team. It will be a comprehensive list that organizes all of it into one tally for easier perusal.

I'll update this OP as the Fixed forum continues to populate...

Note that where mods are mentioned either permission by the original author was given to use the content or (most often) the mod was only used for pointing the way to the issue itself, and the solution was determined independently with the specific requirements of BGEE in mind.

Also note that this is not a comprehensive list of all things fixed in BGEE, just a tracking of all fixes that get fully processed through the Beta Testing team. After all the official site mentions:
Over 400 issues from the original game have been found and fixed.

LE LISTE (Part 1):

1. From the BG bugfix mods:

BG1 Fixpack & Baldurdash:
1. Multiclass thieves no longer barred from LN and LE alignments just like single-class thieves.
2. Many, many containers that were inaccessible due to terrain issues are now accessible.
4. Thieves no longer get a sneak peek at whether a container is trapped by simply trying to pick the lock.
5. Guards that spawn for being caught stealing from containers arrive at reasonable entry points.
6. Incongruous prisoner/ slave removed from Duchal Palace basement.
7. Looting the locked chest at the entrance of the Red Sheaf Inn now only detected if witnessed.
11. Chests that had lockpicking unnecessarily set impossibly high are now lockpickable.
12. Ithmeera no longer trapped in a table unable to move.
13. Ground traps in Durlag's now fully detectable and disarmable.
14. Counting House front door now locked as per the initial dialog upon entering.
17. Typos corrected for various monster items.
21. Numerous skeletons now given their correct immunities.
22. Numerous zombies now given zombie voices rather than skeleton.
23. Male Merchant League guard no longer has female voice lines.
24. The various farmers in the game named Lahl are now named Farmer.
25. Sleeping creatures no longer detect theft from locked containers.
26. If you're caught stealing in the Nashkel Barracks but successfully bribe the arresting guards, all the arresting guards will leave.
27. If you're caught stealing in the Nashkel Barracks and fail a bribe or be snarky, all the guards go hostile, not just the arresting ones.
35. When stealing from shopkeepers, they now don't go hostile, but they call the guards and refuse you further store access.
36. Cloakwood Guard now goes hostile and brings reinforcements as per his script.
38. Magic Missile damage is now correctly calculated at 1-4 + 1 per missile.
- Thieves can now use scimitars that were denied them illegally.
- Timing corrected for Gorion's spoken lines in pre-Sarevok ambush scene.
- Game crash for entering house in BG City, AR0717, resolved by fixing actor inside house.
- Tremain's dialog no longer has options that crash the game.
- Bone Wardstone now has a warning regarding proximity for use rather than simply not working (and appearing broken).
- Ordulinian now actually does give a Cloak of Non-Detection as his promised quest reward.
- Maulers of the Undermountain maul correctly now.
- The direction faced by the party upon entering areas has been correctly oriented in many cases.
- Speaking to Yago before Brielbara no longer prevents getting his book in dialog. Also Yago now casts properly as a mage.
- Ulcaster's book from his school is now unique, removing the exploit of bringing him the three extra copies in the game.
- Many issues with stores corrected: names, host assignments, items, etc.
- Many issues with creatures corrected: alignment, race, class, and gender assignments.
- Yeslick is less loopy now.

BG2 Fixpack
- Algernon's Cloak (CLCK08) original icon artwork restored.
- Soultaker dagger (DAGG10) now functions as a dagger rather than a MISC.
- Boo now appears in Minsc's weapon slots on-screen as in inventory.
- Composite and longbows trade icons as per the names given their icons.
- Weapon speed corrections for STAF05 and STAF06.
- Horn of Kazgaroth (MISC73) now a quickslot item just like every other horn through ToB.
- Full Plate +1 (PLAT05) now requires STR 15 as described and prevents thieving abilities as it ought.
- History books BOOK27, BOOK 39 are now sellable and have weight.
- Free Action no longer interferes with monk walking speed.
- Save penalty -2 applied to Confusion as per its description.
- Save bonus +2 removed from Horror spell as per its description.
- Proper damage set for Flame Sword (FBLADE).
- Save bonus +3 applied to Entangle spell as per its description.
- Portrait icon for spell failure now shows up on portrait.
- Monster Summoning III now has a 40% rather than 1% chance of summoning 2 monsters at 9th lvl.
- The History of the Drow and History of Shadowdale books can now be sold and have weight.
- Monster Summoning I and II now have correct durations at all spell levels.
- The +2 Save bonus for Polymorph was removed from the spell as per its desc.
- Burning Hands now has the proper casting distance and duration, as per its desc.
- Avenger's shapeshift to baby wyvern now correctly cleared upon death.
- Protection from Normal Missiles now protects only against normal missiles, as per its desc.
- Animate Dead now summons boneheads with the proper chance of a 2nd one.
- Dimension Door used by dryad and Demonknight now accompanied by sound.
- Lots and lots and lots of fixes for items... And lots...
- Nahal's Reckless Dwoemer now has correct casting animation and school, as per its desc.
- Farsight spell now has the correct duration, as per its desc.
- Friends spell duration and level adjustments now work correctly, as per its desc.
- Barkskin spell now confers the proper AC adjustment at every caster level, as per its desc.
- Casting speeds of many spells corrected as per their desc.
- Damage and range corrected for Cone of Cold at every spell level.
- Power levels set properly for the effects of numerous spells.
- Wand of the Heavens (WAND11) now delivers correct damage, as per its desc.
- Casting speed and save penalty set correctly for Hold Animal, as per its desc.
- Oil of Fiery Burning (POTN13) now delivers proper damage and isn't accompanied by "Gulp!" when thrown.
- Armor spell now has correct duration, as per its desc., plus its effects are cleaned up.
- Proper portrait icons show up for the successful effects of Miscast Magic.
- Wildmage surge Destroy Gold now works on the Wildmage caster rather than a target.
- The duration of the Grease spell now set correctly for every casting level.
- The Cure Disease facet of Neutralize Poison now functions properly.
- Remove Magic now correctly applies to the effects of Feeblemind.
- Skull Trap now has a proper range (visual distance).
- Scald and Assassin THAC0 bonus now shows up in the Character Record stats.
- Potion of Magic Blocking (POTN33) now blocks only spell levels 1-5 as per its desc.
- Cap at 18th lvl removed from Holy Power and Champion's Strength, plus errors fixed in the latter.
- Shield Amulet (AMUL15) now protects vs Magic Missile as per the spell it emulates (including Magic Missile traps).
- Armor of Faith now provides elemental damage resistance as per its desc and no longer adds extra protection from missiles.
- Magical armor now blocks usage of Protection Rings simultaneously in a few BG2 exceptions.
- Minor Spell Turning now turns only spell levels 1-4 as per its desc.
- The power level of various items has been set to Power = 0 so that they're no longer able to be magic-blocked.
- Free Action no longer capped at Level18. Plus its Hold immunity now applies to the spell target and the Charm protection was removed.
- Minor script fixes for Gorion death scene, Charleston Nib's scene, Durlag's, and a bunch of creatures.
- Captain Kieres' mates now go hostile from his dialog rather than after a pause from a SHOUT.BCS call.
- Detect Evil now only applies to creatures in sight of the caster which also don't have magic resistance, as per its desc.
- Various summoned creatures' attack items are now aptly called Attack.
- Various weapons now have the correct weapon speeds, as per their desc.
- Cavalier's innate Resist Fear ability now no longer fails due to magic resistance.
- Holy Smite now properly capped at level 20 and has proper targetting and timing at Level 6-7.
- The Durlag guardians Pride, Avarice, and Fear now walk to Love after completing all their quests, as per their formerly botched scripting.
- The effects of the Slow spell now no longer stack with multiple castings.
- Various spells which should not stack upon multiple castings now no longer do.
- Larloch's Minor Drain and Vampiric Touch now only heal if the target is damaged, neither can be self-cast, VT can't be cast twice on the same target, and the Bhaalspawn LMD does the right dam.
- Daitel and Semaj now cast spells like mages are supposed to.
- Dagger of Venom (MISC75) now confers a Poisoned portrait icon to its victim.
- Priest of Helm spell Seeking Sword now does the proper damage.
- The spell Shield now has the proper duration.
- Undead no longer get glitchy double saves vs spells (or display strings to that effect).
- Hold Monster now gets its full spellcasting graphic plus a portrait icon and string.
- Horror now has a duration of 10 rounds rather than 3, as per its desc.
- Remove Paralysis now removes portrait icons from the cured Paralysis victim rather than the unParalyzed caster.
- Melf's Acid Arrow no longer bypasses magic resistance.
- Invisibility 10' Radius now lasts 24hrs rather than 1hr, as per its desc.
- Greater Command is now party-friendly at all spell levels.
- A few spells cast by traps now no longer bypass magic resistance.
- Barbarian Rage now grants the correct Save v Spells bonus, and Berserker Enrage now protects vs Stun as per its desc and shows the proper display strings.
- Action IDS fixes
- Spell schools for item abilities
- Bolt of Glory now does missile damage to Undead
- Monk fists now have correct THAC0 at levels 6-8 and 15-17
- Lore bonuses from 15 INT or WIS are now correct. Racial bonuses to Thieving skills have also been fixed.
- Summoning spells no longer fail due to magical protection present on the caster.
- Invulnerable NPCs no longer display messages saving that they have been afflicted with status effects.
- Assassin poison weapon ability now uses the correct save type and correct damage
- Players can now tell Sanadal the fate of her kin.
- Kensai and Monk weapon speed bonuses are now applied correctly.
- Several problems with the Blade's spins, and the Boon of Lathander and Melf's Minute Meteors have been fixed.
- Spell shield now uses the proper portrait icon.
- The Spook spell no longer produces improper battle log message when resisted.
- Several issues with the Color Spray spell have been fixed.
- Several issues with the Chant spell have been fixed.
- Elves and Half-elves actually get their Charm and Sleep resistances now.
- Several innate abilities now behave correctly in response to wild and dead magic zones.
- Several items usability restrictions have been corrected.
- Duration fo the Protection from Evil spell has been fixed.
- Pseudo and Fairy dragons now use their proper icons.
- Darts of stunning's effect now uses the proper portrait icon.
- Several spells now use the proper school casting animation.
- Luck bugs.
- Several fixes to the Wand of the Heavens.

[Continued in Part 2...]

(Edit note: fixed the old links)
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  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305
    edited July 2012
    Well I can for totally say I am going to enjoy modding this game.

    Because I shant need to! AAAAHHAHAHAHHAHAAH!!!

    @Bhryaen Can you confirm that the bug where NPCs don't voice their 'annoyed by your clicking' lines when using EasyTutu/BGT is fixed for BG:EE?
  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    If that's a bug, do go ahead and stick it in a thread in the Bugs forum so I can assess it, though I recognize it, so it might already be there...
  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305

    I've mentioned it here before but it may or may not be a bug. Both EasyTutu and BGT remove these lines from being said, so this is either a fault of those programs or the BG2 Engine itself. I'll make a bug report for your convenience. :D
  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Thanks- easier to keep track of that way. ;-)
  • Ascension64Ascension64 Member Posts: 560
    edited July 2012
    Thanks, very informative.
    - Beregost Bug officially squashed.
    Funny how this is listed under EasyTutu. Whatever... as long as it is fixed.
  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    The description that was given to the fix thread mentioned that EasyTutu was the first place that it was nabbed. No idea if it actually was the first place. Like you said, just glad it was, so I didn't bother investigating...
  • BalquoBalquo Member, Developer Posts: 2,746
    I believe it was Ascension64 who fixed it ;)
  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Lol... I gotta edit it then... Oopsy.
  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305

    I thought this was an annoucement but now it isn't.
  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Having forum issues for the Fixed forum- can't seem to get the Announcement thingy working here properly (have to move it to another forum first then shift it back). Working on it... ;-)
  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,506
    @Bhryaen - you rule for making this thread.

    You also rule because it means I won't have to do it =D
  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Only Tiax rules, but perhaps Tiax will let us serve him when he conquers all.
  • lordkimlordkim Member Posts: 1,063
    edited July 2012
    I love the work all the volunteers are doing in here. They are doing a damn fine job. A big thx from here, and Your work is much appreciated :O)
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  • drawnacroldrawnacrol Member Posts: 253
    During every playthrough I always forgot about that house in Baldurs Gate which crashed your game.
  • Wraith_SarevokWraith_Sarevok Member Posts: 130
    Did they ever fix the hardcoded engine bug where anything placed in the helmet slot grants immunity to critical hits?

    I can't remember if there are any non-helmets in BG1 that mages/thieves/clerics could wear... but it was making them much more durable in BG2.
  • BoasterBoaster Member Posts: 622

    Did they ever fix the hardcoded engine bug where anything placed in the helmet slot grants immunity to critical hits?

    I can't remember if there are any non-helmets in BG1 that mages/thieves/clerics could wear... but it was making them much more durable in BG2.

    This would be a GOOD change. I never figured that the non-Helmet headgear protected from Critical Hits anyway.

    Give Helmets a Flag or create an Effect that says "Protect from Critical Hits."
  • MedillenMedillen Member Posts: 632
    @Bhryaen Actually I'm a bit curious about the 400 number :) (yes, curiosity is a sin). There is only a 100 or so "fixed" bugs. Is there any invisible "fixed" thread ? Or is the BG2 engine considered as patching 300 bugs ? Or is there bugs that have several occurrence and thus counts as more ? Or minor bugs that the team fixed and don't really bother mentioning ? Thx for clarification :D
  • AndreaColomboAndreaColombo Member Posts: 5,506
    @Medillen - there are bugs that have been fixed but are still under NDA. They will be disclosed in the coming weeks, as they make it through the approval pipeline.
  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Sorry- wish I could clarify- the number surprised me as well, but, well, the devs have been working on BG for plenty longer than the Betazoid team. But for an idea of the type of issues they've resolved consider this recent article with Trent Oster in which he discussed the issues with BG code and the GUI system...

    There are hardcoded issues we'll never see because they've got the source code and are doing lots to rework it for greater flexibility and leanness. They're the kind of 100s of issues you'd only notice when your game bogs down or crashes- something that, well, just won't happen now. ;-)
  • TheGrapeTyphlosionTheGrapeTyphlosion Member Posts: 29
    @Bhryaen Thank you very much for compiling this list. Now I'm even more excited to start playing this game again especially since I have it pre-ordered.
  • MedillenMedillen Member Posts: 632
    @AndreaColombo I did observed that packs of fixed bug appeared periodically from nowhere (hence my invisible forum question ^^). I didn't know they also had approval pipeline considering... that they are mostly "right" and only logical (I read fixed issue a lot, maybe too much -_-). It does seem strict. I highly doubt they amount in hundreds. They probably amount to dozens if I base myself on past observations. Thx anyway :-)

    @Bhryaen I don't really think hacking into the game code counts as bug fix xD xD Or nuking it, for that matter (that interview made me laugh). I do realize adapting BGEE to modern platform is a challenge underestimated by most, but that shouldn't consist in bug issue because essentially, they are bugs caused by the dev team by randomly hacking through the jungle of diseased gibberling code. Well, I understand their pain, I had to do something quite similar in a smaller scale ...but I am wandering off topic.

    So it might stay a liiiiiittle mystery for me =D Maybe internal code issue, small bugs not interesting enough to notify, or too obscur to notify. And some awaits approval.
  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Erm... the issues in the code were already there. The devs are hacking through diseased gibberlings (and demonknights) to straighten out those issues. Those types of issues were causing problems with audio, graphics, game crashes, etc.- and now they won't. Note that the wording above is "Found and Fixed 400 Issues," not necessarily bugs. It's not a game bug that you can't get two weapon slots for your fighter-mage-thief, for instance, or that BG has no zoom capacity, but, yeah, issues have been addressed in BGEE. And the game has been improved wonderfully by it.

    Or, hey, it may be just a conspiracy to assure you of things that you'll be able to see rather obviously as soon as you're in the game. Plenty of small bugs not interesting enough for you to notice might be quite significant to the modders who go through all they do to provide excellent mods they do... or might have been holding back BG's execution of items or scripts which you've gotten used to but, well, shine now that they've been coded right. *shrugs* I'd rather take the liiiiiiittle fixes with the big myself... and I'm rather impressed by the amount of transparency that the BGEE dev team has demonstrated thus far- even despite the sluggish pace that prior contractual approval involves...
  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738
    The funny part is that some BG1/BG2 bugs are popping up that no one even noticed before.
  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    edited August 2012
    Actually this just occurred to me after doing my umpteenth very long confirmation of the fixes applied to BGEE... The threads in the Fixed forum number a little over a hundred, but each post may have numerous fixes bundled in them. Some have 50 or 100 if you count every single spell or item that's been fixed- and BG is replete with mess-ups here there and everywhere. That easily makes the "400 issues corrected" look paltry rather than unbelievable. It means the Fixed forum alone may have 1000s by the time of release... Just saying...
  • resin007resin007 Member Posts: 8
    There are a few bugs in my experience that are fairly minor but not on the list above and not in the Bugs forum as far as I can tell. Some of them might be things that are fixed by the fix packs but not worth the mention? Others are bugs or just annoyances depending on how you look at them. Is it alright for me to post them in proper bug reporting format in this forum or should I get someone's "official" approval before putting it on a list? I figure if I've posted an already-done bug or a not-a-bug, some mod can just remove it, right? But I don't want to add clutter...
  • resin007resin007 Member Posts: 8
    Or even better, does a kind mod want to volunteer to get a pm from me? I can give my "list", and you can tell me which items are worth posting, if any. I promise it's a short list and not totally stupid (unless, you know, such things are already done).

    I'm a little surprised to not see my "bugs" anywhere on these lists or on the forums which makes me paranoid that I'm just missing some huge list somewhere else or am not understanding something. I'd appreciate being allowed to make an idiot of myself to one person rather than the entire forum...
  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,437
    Medillen said:

    @Bhryaen I don't really think hacking into the game code counts as bug fix xD xD Or nuking it, for that matter (that interview made me laugh). I do realize adapting BGEE to modern platform is a challenge underestimated by most, but that shouldn't consist in bug issue because essentially, they are bugs caused by the dev team by randomly hacking through the jungle of diseased gibberling code. Well, I understand their pain, I had to do something quite similar in a smaller scale ...but I am wandering off topic.

    While BG1 is smaller in scope, let me try and put this in some perspective--the BG2 Fixpack currently alters over 4,000 files in BG2 for fixes ranging from cosmetic to game-breaking. Claiming 4,000 bug fixes would be ludicrous, but the number's still high even with conservative metrics (and we had to exclude several classes of bugs since we couldn't touch the engine itself). Don't be so quick to dismiss the numbers being thrown around by the devs as self-made.
  • BhryaenBhryaen Member Posts: 2,874
    Go ahead and PM them to me if you want
  • MedillenMedillen Member Posts: 632
    @CamDawg I never said or implied that those number were self made... But rather that some counted as severals, some were hidden and in NDA, and probably some useless to notify to the common BG player such as me, who doesn't really care if the Global_Count_Of_a_variable_in_code is initialized to 1 or 0. (and as I said in a pm, useless to notify doesn't mean useless for the game in any way). Then again, it's issue solved and not bugs. My question had not motive to discredit the work done, but rather to quench my undying curiosity with numbers, facts and figures :p
  • gloinunitgloinunit Member Posts: 25
    I'll miss the infinite gems exploit.

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