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Use Any Item does not allow use of Cernd's cloak?

MadhaxMadhax Member Posts: 1,416
Observed Behavior: After slaughtering Cernd, I looted his cloak that only he is supposed to be able to equip. Later, when Hexxat got her Use Any Item, I wanted to see if it was equippable with magical armor. Unfortunately, Hexxie cannot equip it. If I try to equip it while Cloak of Dragomir is already worn, I get the error "Inadequate Charisma". If Cloak of Dragomir isn't equipped, I get the error "Inadequate Wisdom". The item isn't red in the inventory screen.

Expected behavior: Hexxat, or any thief with UAI, should be able to use any item, including Cernd's cloak.

Note that a) I've only tested this with Hexxat, so it may be a bug specific to her, and b) I did NOT loot Cernd's staff, so I have not tested to see if that would work.


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