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Corrupted Item Descriptions

I have a small issue at the moment and I think I have figured out what the cause is.....unfortunately I am not sure how to resolve it.

I used EE Keeper to edit a save game. I wasn't looking to cheat - I actually did this just after the intro dungeon. I had rolled a Sorcerer and decided I actually wanted to play as a Mage instead. I didn't want to run the dungeon again. That worked however I don't think I selected BG2EE in EE Keeper and I think that caused the items in the game to have their descriptions corrupted.

For some reason about 60% of the items don't have their correct description. They instead have dialog text relating to Haer'Dalis instead. I thought this was a bug and would get picked up in the first patch - unfortunately it didn't.

At this stage I am into ToB and don't want to restart. Is there anyway I can fix this issue?

Is there anything else that might be causing it other than me editing the savegame with EE Keeper?


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