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[Known 8706] Spell Failure in Multiplayer Blackpits 2

AlcopopStarAlcopopStar Member Posts: 28
edited September 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)

Me and a friend just did a run of black pits 1 over the holidays and had a great time. (beyond a few crashes) However on attempting black pits 2 it seems that any guest player controlled character would have permanent spell failure at all times. This made the experience more or less completely unplayable.

I hope this issue is fixed soon as I would very much like to complete this new arena with my friend, this first one was a blast!

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  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @AlcopopStar, to clarify, was the spell failure in the actual fighting arena?

    The Black Pits area where you can talk to other NPCs is shrouded in dead magic, and only allows spells to be cast in the bunk area.

    If you area experiencing spell failure in the fighting arena, then you will need to upload an affected save game. :-)

  • AlcopopStarAlcopopStar Member Posts: 28
    @Troodon80, Yes!

    @Gate70, We didn't try this but honestly it's much to much of a frustrating fix to really be worth while.

    I can't upload any games as they were on my friends machine. But I will explain the exactly what happened and what we tried.

    We tried to start black pits two with the imported characters from black pits 1. This crashed the game twice on hitting "start" so we gave up on the idea and just made new characters.

    We made new characters with my friend hosting and went through the prologue fight. Immediately after this fight on being transported to the arena my character disappeared completely from the sidebar, although as a player I was still in the game.

    We saved, loaded up the game again and made my character again. Everything was fine until I entered the arena where it seemed the "spell failure" had persisted on my character (though not the hosts).

    We started a new game, new characters, this time I gave full control to host through out the prologue fight. Under host control my character gained and lost spell failure in and out of the bunk area like normal as soon as I took control of the character I gain spell failure permanently (this persisted in both the bunk area and the arena).

    We quit at this point and called it a day :(

    Hope this helps.

    Let me know if there is any other way I can help.

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