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Main Character disappears after enemy spell is cast on him, does not return

mpzmpz Member Posts: 2
Hello there.

Almost every time my party fights a mage, whenever he/she casts a spell like Dispel Magic, Death Spell, Cast Symbol: Stun and possibly others, my main character disappears from map. He/she is still visible in character bar, however I cannot give him/her any items (character too far) also when I take an item from character's inventory and try to give it back there also is character too far prompt. When I click on character in bar his portrait does not have green line around it as it is with the others. spote on map where the character was is covered in shadow ("mist of war"?).

The only workaround is to leave main character out of every combat.

In given save file:
1. Choose main char
2. Relese Alchra Diagott from prison (third prison from the right) [it also happens on other mages, as well as beholders].
3. Get through his dialogue.
4. Wait until Time Stop fades (there are also other spells he casts included in dialogue).
5. Character disappears.

- I play Steam, Windows version of the game through Crossover.
- I have once edited proficiencies on main character using EE Keeper.


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