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Drizzt doesn't feel the pain ...

Well, today i wanted to kill Drizzt and since I went off with a lonely and always well stealthed thief this time I came across the following strange but funny bug:

The script which starts the talk won't fire while you're in stealth so Drizzt will just stay there doing nothing. The Gnolls on the other hand are marked as hostile and will - as long as you are in sight range to them - attack Drizzt.

Just a matter of time till he dies. 6 minutes in total for me.

The solution to this would probably be to make the Gnolls neutral/friendly until you start off the event by talking to Drizzt.

On a side note:

I tell ya, I had to laugh so hard the moment he died XD

Don't know if anyone else who doesn't experienced it by himself finds it funny but I felt like I just have to make a video for it ^^

(Second 20 to 50 is pretty much waiting for the miracle to happen XD)



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