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#7498 [CORE] - Ioun stones protect from criticals (inadequate item description)

bob_vengbob_veng Member Posts: 2,292
edited February 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
- ioun stones protect from criticals
- it is not mentioned in the item description for ioun stones
* it is not mentioned for some helmets either, but it can be easily deduced - whereas it can in no way be deduced for ioun stones of which there is no generic form with it's basic function such as helmets' protecting from crits
** evidence for the claim that 'ioun stones are not helmets' lies in the fact that kensai for which helmets are prohibited can wear them

- ioun stones protect from criticals
- it is apparent in every ioun stone's item description

(and preferably on my part)

- ioun stones don't protect from criticals as an item class
* however a specific ioun stone's magical property might as well offer this protection
** this could even be the property of every available ioun stone in the game but for consistency's sake please note it as *special* (and, lore-wise describe it as magical)

...this also goes for other non helmet headwear such as circlets and capes (there's at least that new one i think)
just note the crit protection as 'special' and get on with it. this will circumvent the problem of these item classes appearing as inherently offering crit protection (i guess it's hardcoded that all headwear does) when they obviously, for aesthetic reasons, shouldn't.

this is a small bug, but an ugly one.

@Illydth @Gate70
(if you mind being summoned like this and it's unnecessary, please let me know, i apologize if that's the case)

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