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Familiar Overhaul for BG:EE

CallirgosCallirgos Member Posts: 67
edited March 2014 in Feature Requests
I really enjoy having the BGII spells in BGI. I think the familiars deserve a little more attention. They're not quite suited for adventuring on the sword coast and they don't have much to say.

This is a feature request for 4 primary things, in descending order;

1) Familiars that are continually serviceable either in combat or out of combat.
2) Familiars that have some commentary depending on the current chapter.
3) Level the familiars with the player.
4) Let us name them! ( gah, programming estimate... this one isn't really important )

These little guys could easily be turned into great little helpers, based on interesting abilities.
The imp is very very cool, while the cat is admittedly lackluster. :/

Cat - get rid of his 15% pick pockets and give it a 40% detect/disarm traps.... cat's are smart. My cat opens doors and is really really close to figuring out a can opener. :)



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