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Seriously? I paid $25 for this many bugs?

CryoCryo Member Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Not An Issue
If you're going to re-release a game, do it right. I was a huge fan of the BG series. I just paid and loaded up BG2:EE on Win8.1u1 and man, nothing works like it did in the original release.

I couldn't leave the area, I'd click the side of the map, click an area, and it would bring me right back to the screen I was on. I tried rebooting, exiting and re-entering the game. I tried to enable the CLUA console but every time I'd punch in the required information in the .ini file it would REMOVE it automatically when I launched the game. To top it off I have to run it in comparability mode or the screen is off center.

So yeah, if I can't get this game to work right, I'll want a refund.

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