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The maze spell, kinda trapped my whole party (SPOILERS, you have been warned!!!)

So... after a long break from BG2:EE for no real reason (i just stopped) i got back to my save where i was running around kicking all kinds of hell out of the vampires (using totem druid and he is just a beat stick with a spear) and Jaheria gets mazed (currently romancing her if it helps) so ive had to clear out the rest of the room and bodhi with out one of my main front liners (me and minsc and a frig tonne of summons had to do it, bodhi gave me no trouble but the clay golem i had to fight wrecked my party) and ive rested twice now and jaheria hasn't returned and i am unable to leave the room because as ever i must gather my party before venturing forth, none of my spell casters know freedom and i cant leave to get a freedom scroll......any tips?


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