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CRASH at recruitment of Bondar and Co to retrieve the Beholder Eyestalk (ToB)

So I'm happily killing eyeballs and insulting a mad wizard, I de-stone the young adventurers and send them on their merry way for an eyestalk. "Several days" pass, they return, and I freeze at the moment they'd be initiating dialogue normally. I need me some pantalettes, so I'm now posting here.


No mods, though I've EE Keeper'd some of my stats, spells. Nothing major, just added lvl 7 8 and 9 spells to my Bard CHARNAME and made her Lawful Evil as opposed to Neutral Evil. Recently restored spells/abilities (as if rested) to party members via a Reckless Dweomer casting of Wish, which is the only weird thing I've done in the recent past on this character. Attached is the quicksave just before un-stone-ing the fellas, and both crash reports (I recreated the crash twice) In order to get to the crash, I went with all option 1 in the conversation with Bondar, except in that I tried offering him the gold for the quest one one crash and on the other I compelled him to do it out of the goodness of his heart.


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