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So is it just me or is it super hard to believe that Jan Jansen is poor

JSearsonJSearson Member Posts: 9
The gnome is a pretty decently-leveled mage when you meet him; that seems like pretty a pretty lucrative skill. Why does he do all this turnip/flasher stuff when he could just, I don't know, scry people or enchant things? I feel like it would be more believable if he was some other class.

Also, like Vaelag, I get that you're an asshole and you've got guards, but a wizard is just going to eat those guards for breakfast.

I feel like he was written as a thief, and they only made him an illusionist after or something.

Is it that he can't afford a license to use magic in Athkatla? That would make sense (and be interesting!) but I feel like you ought to get a conversation about it.



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