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Wrong Death Variable in ZEKE.DLG

switswit Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 495
edited July 2014 in Fixed
An error in ZEKE.DLG. Branwen death variable is BRANWEN not BRAWEN (!Dead("BRAWEN")). Not sure about the double exclamation mark. Take a look at this block:

IF WEIGHT #1 /* Triggers after states #: 4 even though they appear after this state */
~ !Dead("BRAWEN")
~ THEN BEGIN 0 // from:
SAY #10692 /* ~Come one, come all! Take a look at the stone warrior maiden. How long has she been trapped in this petrified form, no one knows! Be the first to learn, for the mere price of 500 gold. For that small amount of money, I shall give you a magic scroll, and with this scroll you can release the maiden from her stone prison. Think of the gratitude she would feel to her saviors. Perhaps she's a princess from some far-off land, or maybe a powerful sorceress in search of a concubine. You can't afford not to know! Buy the scroll!~ */
IF ~~ THEN REPLY #10694 /* ~Sorry, we're not interested.~ */ GOTO 1
IF ~ PartyGoldGT(499)
~ THEN REPLY #10695 /* ~Sure, give us the scroll.~ */ GOTO 2
IF ~~ THEN REPLY #10696 /* ~We don't have the money right now.~ */ GOTO 3



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