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Another solo playthru - What to choose?

Hi there.
Been a while since I've been soloing stuff in BG1+2. Most of my solo playthrus happened as a Sorcerer or F/T/M. I do even remember attempting a solo run as a Blade (who became quite powerful later on). Also went for a Kensai/Mage, tho it became quite boring later on.

So far, I was playing on normal difficulty. Soloing is a hell easier than it should probably be. But my next solo run will definately be on insane difficulty, as my first really big challenge. I am trying to run BG1 -> BG2:ToB straight and it's my goal to kill and achieve everything that's kill- and achievable in game.

Any advices, which class/combination I should pick? Some guy told me that high-end Palas are unstoppable, since they are even able to vaporize Liches and other high undeads. I guess this also applies to high-end Clerics, since they are even better considering divine stuff, lol.

What about a human berserker who duals at some point (lvl 7 probably?) and becomes a cleric? It makes independant considering alignments (not that it would be such a big deal at all, but I don't run the danger to loose Pala stuff once I did bad stuff).

Besides the powers to vaporize undeads 'n stuff... Any other recommendations? As allready mentioned, I've already tryed Kensai/Mage, F/T/M Multi and Blade.


  • ifupaulineifupauline Member Posts: 405
    If you plan to solo and do BG1, I find dual class to be boring because you have to wait so much time before regaining your level and enjoying your run.

    I see you didn't try the divine class, fighter/druid or cleric, I love fighter/druid they are fun to play but I also love cleric because they can cast Gate and I find this spell to be very very very very funny.

    You can try ranger/cleric and you have both at the same time -_-

  • luskanluskan Member Posts: 269
    Looks like you got the arcane magic types down pat, so either go with a devine caster or straight melee. A couple I want to try but haven't gotten around to are:

    Cleric/Ranger multi
    Berserker/Druid dual @ level 9

    Like @ifupauline‌ said, solo and BG1 makes the dual class boring because you'll play all of BG1 as just a Berserker. Cleric/Ranger or Cavalier would be my choice.

  • MeanbunnyMeanbunny Member Posts: 107
    There is one kit I have always wanted to try, but never fully commited to trying it out.

    For some reason, The Jester has always seemed like an interesting class kit to play. I always pictured them as someone who at first impression is light hearted and silly, but when you least expect it, they can be vicious and unforgiving to their enemies. I picture them as kind of a F/M/T jack of all trades kind of class. Instead of buffing his allies, he uses the power of his music to strike fear and uncertainty into the enemy. Before you know it, they lose concentration and in a moment of weakness the Jester is there with a blade in their back.

    I always thought it would be a cool kit to try. Makes you look at Jesters as something more formidable than the standard "Chuckles" from the Ultima series.

    Play whatever strikes your fancy though. It is all about having fun! ;))

  • SionaSiona Member Posts: 79
    edited August 2014
    I can solve this. Kensai>Cleric. Specialize in staves. Do it. You know you wanna. Everyone does the kensage, blah blah blah. Do something unique :D

    Edit: Maybe go single hammer or mace for the single weapon AC, putting points into dual weapon later.

  • oldsch00loldsch00l Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 192
    I'm not really used to solo run but I've slowly came to enjoy it. Only thing is I wonder how you avoid traps with a non-thief build , like a barbarian ? You just take the damage or ... ?

  • ifupaulineifupauline Member Posts: 405
    oldsch00l said:

    I'm not really used to solo run but I've slowly came to enjoy it. Only thing is I wonder how you avoid traps with a non-thief build , like a barbarian ? You just take the damage or ... ?

    You have a sword in umar hills that gives you mirror image, also for nasty traps with death spell on it you have death ward if you are a divine class and scroll of protection from petrification, voila, with that you should be able to deal with all the traps in the game.

  • oldsch00loldsch00l Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 192
    I should have been more specific as I was talking about BG:EE, where you don't necessarily have tons of hp or access to the right spells early in the game, etc.

    But I'll remember scrolls should do the trick for early traps like in the mines if you know what kind of damage the trap is supposed to do.

  • tennisgolfbolltennisgolfboll Member Posts: 457
    Do a no reload run.

    Infinite.power word reload means any difficulty is cake

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,151
    A solo druid playthrough is very intersting. Any kit will be fine: a totemic druid, an avenger and even a shapeshifter.

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