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If you were an undead member of the realms in BG, what would you be?

gfm50gfm50 Member Posts: 124
Being alive is dull and boring. Undead always have more fun!

If you were an undead member of the realms in BG, what would you be? 140 votes

A lich in a random crypt in a dungeon or graveyard. Grumpy because you lost your slippers.
cyberhoraThe_Zealotbyrne20zwadekShinMoomintrolldrakerdraywindDaveyLidPhyraxEidolonCandramelekhSBRAAARedGuardMortiannaFake_SketchlakridsDreyy 18 votes
A zombie craving to eat fresh brains.
GodKaiserHelldunehunterUlfgar_Torunn 3 votes
A vampire wanting to charm and feast on living blood.
ConphantusJorkanScooterAkerhonMiridorZeckulelminsterMedillenPeccaMornmagorMonkeyRobotManElandirSceptenarneleotheszepurebredcornkirosJolanthusbeerflavourTwilight_FoxFrozenDervish 39 votes
A demilich wanting to imprison its victims in the center of the planet -- for fun.
mjellyThomsonHalyssondsimulacrumsepottere3r4t5ynKirinaldoJonelethIrenicusmercyfulfate1988DreamBiernickTalvraeJarlaxleBubbleboyAmardarialEvinfuiltAlkaluropsJustywustynptitimBhodar 23 votes
A Lich cozily and secretly living in the walls of a town Inn.
Tingelcattlekillerbert0mlnevesewbouvyRhukJackalenMokBoogeymanpkloopIkonNavrosCorvinogiosantitopymacijieIlphalarodeeShapiroKeatsDarkMageNadroirKharasDarsidian 45 votes
A Ghoul or Ghast that paralyzes random adventurers when they least can afford it.
MarkosFlashburnSchneidendlockmundCheesebellyDukeOfSuffolkThe_New_RomanceTuthCheOffshoreNot_the_Pope_Rickerz_noodles_too 12 votes


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