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Stuck after first conversation in Irenicus dungeon (solved)

TeraAkronTeraAkron Member Posts: 10
edited June 2014 in Windows PC (Archive)
Hi all,

Please help me...I am a bit desperate because I can't solve this problem and I really want to play this game.

Whenever I start a new BG2 SoA game (fresh install), with any character (imported, new or one of the presets), the Irenicus "time for more experiments" cutscene begins to play...but once the golem comes in and Irenicus says "they act sooner than we had anticipated", the conversation stops, Irenicus and the golem keep looking at each other...and nothing happens. The game doesn't move on. It doesn't crash to desktop or anything, music keeps going on, but it just seems that the conversation breaks and the game is "stuck".

I have no mods installed whatsoever and I tried 4-5 fresh re-installs already, on different drivers just to be sure. I tried uninstalling and re-installing sound and graphics drivers. I tried to use the "repair installation" feature in the launcher many times. Nothing worked. I am running on a modern machine (I5, Windows 7 64-bit, 8GB RAM etc).

I am clueless what is going wrong, and any help would be much welcome and appreciated.

I am attaching a file for your consideration this is exactly where the game 'stops'

Thank you

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