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Playing IWD as BG characters

Back when IWD was initially released more than a decade ago, I basically treated the game as a "spiritual sequel" to BG, and I used to "recreate" characters from the BG series to be in my IWD party. For example, I once did a playthrough with Safana as the party leader, imagining that she recruited a bunch of "strong men" and continued her swashbuckling adventures after the events in BG1. I also did a playthrough using Kirian's party that you meet in the basilisk area. I felt that doing this gave greater meaning to characters and events in BG1, and consequently, also gave greater meaning to my own BG character's actions.

Then one day I checked the dates in my respective journals, and realized that the events in IWD take place about 100 years before the events in BG. And that ended that. :-(

But now, with the upcoming release of IWD:EE, I've been thinking of other possible ways to tie the two games together. For example, I've been thinking of playing IWD with Tamah as a party member - she's the fighter-looking character that you meet in the basilisk area and release from petrification. She's apparently been petrified for quite some time (the submerged and derelict house that you come across south of Beregost is hers), so I imagine that perhaps she actually lived during the IWD era, and has spent the subsequent decades "frozen" in petrified form after having encountered some basilisks on the way home from IWD. I'm also thinking of using Ariabel as a party member - she's the paladin referred to in the Harrower's description, who eventually died heroically while saving the realms from a vampire queen named Zerafex.

Anyone else have any similar ideas and/or intentions?



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