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This Icewind Dale you speak of…



  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,206
    jamoecw said:

    sneak attack and crippling strike are toggleable in the config menu

    Oh thank you, thank you so much :) I was so damn sure it could be toggled, but I haven't played ID in ages so I started it up just to make sure before posting and I couldn't find it anywhere in Options. It was driving me mad, felt so confident I'd seen that toggle...

  • SchneidendSchneidend Member Posts: 3,190

    And also, how good-looking is the priestess in question?

    I've always interpreted the Aurilite priestess in question, the one in the Vale of Shadows, as a statuesque brickhouse of a Nordic beauty. The statues of her in IWD2, made by her closest friends, support this. Also, if I remember right, she fights unarmored but with a shield and morningstar, and hits -hard-. Then again, I haven't played IWD since I was like 13.

  • SchneidendSchneidend Member Posts: 3,190
    Azzara said:

    I'm really excited about the ID:EE. I've spent a day creating characters so I can start playing immediately when it comes out.

    I remember trying to RP Icewind Dale 2 as a pair of drow elves. But I got destroyed in the first dungeon and gave up on the series. I've watched my roommate play both games with a full party of min-maxed characters, though. I liked the story but I don't enjoy RPing dull and hideous characters myself (stats set to 3). It imagine it goes something like this:

    BARD: Ah, a refreshing winter morning! I've memorized all my spells and I feel ready for adventure. There comes my first companion! What's your story, dear barbarian?
    CLERIC: I no barbarian! I cleric of healing! And this axe be my stone scalpel. Me have INT score of 3! Only use stone tools I can. Let examine your liver, say aaargh!
    BARD: Um, maybe some other time. I... What's with this bear looking creature? Are you a druid, creature?
    THIEF: Gruuu, I no bear, sir. I rogue-lady like Imoen. Look, I have chain-mail bikini under fur.
    BARD: Dear lord!
    THIEF: I born natural 18 charisma on character creation. Put all points on CON and DEX. Now I big as a mountain and swift as a volleyball!
    CLERIC: What wrong with you, sir? You half naked yourself?!
    BARD: Why of course, I am a bard! I get encumbered when I put my pants on. Now carry me out the door and let's start adventuring!

    Two drow would be tough, aye, but I managed to get quite far with a four-man party before I got an idea for a new party. You could try again as a quartet of drow. A Fighter, Mage, Cleric, and Rogue, and you've got a full drow raiding party!

  • QuartzQuartz Member Posts: 3,851
    Nimran said:

    I'm probably the only person in the world who prefers IWD's blank slate party over BG's NPCs with personality.

    To be honest, I've come to feel that way after too many playthroughs of Baldur's Gate. So ... That's kind of my own fault? Hahaha.

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