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Xzar's Saved by the Spell

A user by the name of Myrmuzduur discovered a way to save Xzar from the Harper Assassin. I couldn't find this story anywhere else but here.

I did it!

Imprisonment was the answer. He has to be imprisoned a split second before the Harper spawns, just as he finishes casting the polymorph spell which causes her to spawn.

Here is the timing I managed to achieve. Edwina casts Imprisonment and just as the cage animation appears, I talk to Xzar:


And here is the dead Harper, minus Xzar who is imprisoned:


Here is Xzar, saved from ignominious instant-death, ALIVE AND STANDING ABOVE THE CORPSE OF HIS MURDERER, just like I said he would be:


That's all he'll say to me now as well. No more dialogue. Would have been nice if they'd snuck in something there but oh well.

Mission accomplished.



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