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[Known 9435] Holding TAB on left UI then moving to bottom UI causes incorrect tooltip to appear

psyactpsyact Member Posts: 75
edited October 2014 in BG:EE Bugs (v1.3)

1. Start a new game with Abdel.
2. Mouse over the left-side UI and hold down the TAB key to bring up the tooltips.
3. While continuing to hold down the TAB key, move the cursor to the bottom portion of the UI and mouse over the various icons.
4. Tooltips will display a character's name and health instead of the correct tooltip.

If there's only one character, it will show that character's tooltip. In a game with multiple characters, it seems to be defaulting to Imoen regardless of which character is selected.

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  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,970
    edited September 2014
    I'm not able to replicate this on my mac. I'll try windows.

    Edit: Nope, couldn't do it there either.

  • psyactpsyact Member Posts: 75
    edited September 2014
    Just tried it again with a different game. It seems like the tooltip will only display a character's tooltip that's in view (on the map) at the time you attempt it. When I scrolled over so that only a tutor was shown on the map, the tooltips said "tutor" when I moused over the bottom UI.

    If the map view does not contain any characters, the tooltips work correctly.

    [EDIT] Also, you can hold the TAB key down after your mouse is in the main screen as well to achieve the same effect.

    I tried adjusting the tooltip delay, but it didn't change the behavior.

    Not really a big deal, but a bug is a bug.

  • HurricaneHurricane Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 703
    I was able to reproduce @psyact's problem. It's not even necessary to mouse over the left UI panel first, the only condition is that there is at least one character within view in the main window whose name is displayed when holding down TAB. Here is a refined repro description with screenshot. This was tested on a Windows machine.

    Using TAB to display information over characters should not affect bottom button tooltips

    1. Load any game or start a new one.
    2. Make sure at least one character (NPC, animal, enemy etc.) is within sight.
    3. Press and hold TAB so that the character's name and possibly condition is displayed above the character.
    4. While holding down TAB, move the mouse down to the bottom of the screen and hover over the various quick slots and command buttons.

    The button tooltip contains the name and possibly condition of one of the visible characters.

    The button tooltip should display the appropriate information of the respective button or quick slot.

    I've kept a copy of v1.2.0 to check - this bug was not yet present in v1.2.0. It is also not present in BG2:EE v1.2.2030. It must have been caused by one of the changes in v1.3.

    Can you reproduce this now?

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,970
    Yea I actually was able to reproduce this awhile ago. I just forgot to post about it.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,655
    @Troodon80 does this look similar to issue 9435?

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