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Books and Journals, Notes and Diaries

AscerionAscerion Member Posts: 271
This is a question to the developers working on IWD:EE. I am currently replaying through BG:EE, and have gotten to the small shack on the wolf-were island; the one with Dradeel. After re-reading his hilarious diary, this question came to mind. I was wondering if any of the new content (60+ items) are/could be written notes. I really enjoy books and snippets of lore in RPGs.

Like the Black Arrow book in Morrowind; you know, the one where the assassin shoots through a key-hole? Marksmanship. Also, A Game At Dinner. Alchemy. =)

Since there was a question and poll on whether or not new NPCs should be recruitable, I thought this could be another way to introduce humorous dialogue and possibly easter eggs based on current events and modern culture.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.




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