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Using ShadowKeeper to fix saves.

ASSERTION FAILED! Return Address: 0x5AB90A File: CItem.cpp Line: 1573 Expression: pRes->Demand() Message: (null)

is the message I get when trying to load up a save.

Some background: I was playing through BGT with several mods. Stratagems was one of those mods, and it caused some crashes (allegedly, it was why the spider caves couldn't be entered and de'Arnise keep had crashes with monster spawns). I tried to uninstall the mod and it ruined the whole game, so I was forced to re-install everything.

So I did, but somewhere along the lines I did something differently and now the game doesn't have files for some of the items I have. Specifically, some bullet types for the sling and one other item I don't know the identity of. I removed them from my characters' inventories using ShadowKeeper, but I still get the above error when trying to locate the save. I feel like it might be the positions of some items on the map, but I don't know how to remove all of those instances. Is it possible to simply add a dummy item (like a pile of god or a gem) in the place of those items such that all the instances of the bugged items is replaced with the dummy item?

For some strange reason, the CItem.cpp file doesn't actually exist or is actually inside of another file, as I can't find it with a search.


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