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The Tale of Baldur's Gate - Told by the BG EE Community



  • reximmortalisdracoreximmortalisdraco Member Posts: 11
    Senjack immediately tries to run like a coward. Only to trip and fall over. With Dorn close behind, Senjack tries to crawl away. Senjack sees an opening and tries to escape. But Dorn throws his great two handed blade, Rancor, into the spine of Senjack as Senjack's life fades from his eyes.

  • Fina92Fina92 Member Posts: 270
    edited January 2014
    Abdel swallows and catiously regards the massive half-orc standing amongst all the bloody corpses with his blade still raised as if hungry for more killing. He is feeling sligthly nauseated by the scent of all the fresh, warm blood. Although, he notices with further digust, somehow he is still absolutely thrilled by it at the same time. He forces his eyes to turn from the dead people on the ground and focus on the possible threat standing admist them. The half-orc turns and steadily meets his gaze.

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  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,740
    "Hmmm. So we meet again..." Says the half-orc to Abdel. "I thought you would be dead by now considering the ever growing bounty on your head." Abdel tenses up and readies his dagger. "Do not be concerned, I have no desire to collect. Hmmm. Perhaps there is something more to you than meets the eye for you to have survived this long. My name is Dorn Il-Kahn, and, perhaps, we could be of use to each other." "What sort of use are we talking here?" Abdel replies, masking his discomfort with a steady voice. "I was betrayed by a group of bastards. I will see them all dead at my feet! I could use your help in tracking them down." Dorn states, his rage clearly evident. Abdel looks back at his group to see what they think. Seeing that Imoen is visibly shaking and the rest of the group give him uncomfortable looks Abdel turns back to Dorn and says "Not right now. We are on urgent business to investigate the Nashkel mines." Dorn replies: "Hmmm. Very well, it is your mistake to make. Should you change your mind I will be at the Freindly Arm Inn. Do not take too long to change your mind. I am not known for my patience." With that Dorn walks off.

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  • Tad_Has_A_Cold_OliveTad_Has_A_Cold_Olive Member Posts: 183
    edited April 2014
    The feelings of terror that the group felt around Dorn seemed to fade as the Half-Orc headed North. Abdel took some time to look over the various weapons and armor that the bandits had dropped, but the only real treasure that he found was a small curved blade on Senjack's corpse, which felt magical even to his untrained senses.

    Abdel then lead the group further South, no one wanting to linger in the ambush site. At last, the group approached the depression in the ground where the Nashkel Mines were located.

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,740
    As the group looked for a way down into the mines they were approached by an Amnish guard. "Hold travelers!" The guard yelled toward them. "I should warn you about the danger in this place before you proceed. There are dog headed monsters around here and lots of them. I suggest you return to Nashkel where it is safe." "We were actually sent here by mayor Ghastkill to investigate the mines." Replied Abdel. "Hmm you too, huh? Well good luck in there! We need all the help we can get." "What do you mean by 'us too'? Jaheira asked. "Well, there have been several other adventuring groups that have gone in there; including one just recently." The guard shudders a little. "They didn't seem very friendly... There was an angry looking halfling and a crazy sounding mage with face tattoos that just went in there." Abdel and Imoen looked knowingly at each other. "I-i-is there any-th-th-ing else that you know a-ab-about the area?" Khalid asked the guard. "Well yeah, I guess. There is another guy a bit south of the mine pit doing something to a rock. Kinda goofy if you ask me... Anyway, I should get back to my patrolling. Make sure you talk to Emerson before doing anything else; he's in charge of the mine." As the guard walked off Neera asked: "Hey! Where did that air headed bard go?" Imoen spoke up: "Oh yeah! He told me he was going to look at a white wolf he saw run by." Jaheira muttered "white wolf..." thoughtfully and then exclaimed with a start: "We have to find him quickly!"

  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    The sound of a howl led the way, and they followed it to where Garrick faced off against a wolf with a coat like silken moonlight. A nimbus of glittering bluish light seemed to cling to the heavy fur. Meanwhile, Garrick looked terrified, but alive. One arm sported what looked like frostbite, and he cradled it in his other arm. "Be careful!" he called. "It breathes ice!"

    The wolf swung to face the new arrivals, while still keeping Garrick in sight. It growled loudly, drool dripping from its fanged maw. Drool, which they can see harden into patches of slick ice on the ground.

  • KrongirKrongir Member Posts: 19
    Abdel, with the help of Neera rises to his feet and pats himself down. Neera looks at Abdel with a smirk on her face. She begins to say something to him when suddenly a small rock collides with her forehead. All Abdel has time to do is take a sharp intake of breath as he watches her slump to the ground.

    Then they all hear the high shriek of the Xvart's battle cry as they charge the party from some nearby foliage. Garrick, having stepped away from the preceding fight with the wolf was the closest party member. Imoen darted over to Neera's supine form just as Abdel made an almighty bellow and charged the Xvart's. The remainder of the party followed suit and charged the blue fiends.

    Garrick wheeled and lunged with his sword as the first xvart came upon him. Luckily the wolfs icy blast hadn't hit his sword arm, and he cut deep into the side of the overconfident monsters head. Dark, thick blood spurted all over Garrick as Abdel came up beside him and flung his fist into the flank of an xvart that was on the verge of stabbing the unaware Garrick in the side of the neck. A deep and loud crunching sound emitted from the blue wretch, and it crumpled to the floor. Abdel glanced up and noticed a further five xvart's rushing at him.

    Imoen had confirmed by now that Neera was very much alive, just unconscious.

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