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Greeting HC and solo players

TangenteTangente Member Posts: 11
edited November 2014 in New Members Welcome Area
Hi everyone, I am quite new player but I am already looking for some hardcore no-reload and/or solo walkthrought the whole trilogy. Probably take some time but meh.. :) Now I can pretty surely finish BGEE in two dayes. In BG2EE I am in third chapter and I never played ToB yet so still much is ahead of me.

So far my favorit classes are Sorcerer (maybe Dragon Disciple) and Ranger/Cleric multiclass. They suit my swift playstyle. I am not fond of Mages because those learning from scrolls, memorizing etc. Ranger/Cleric has at least a lot of spell slots.

Well I hope that this forum brings me some new tips and insight into the game. :)



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