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Necromancer party.

VallmyrVallmyr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,427
Hello! I'm looking to build a party of necromancers.

So far thinking

Val'myr - Male Half-Elf (Half-Drow) Lawful Evil Cleric/Mage. He'd use 'True Necromancy' as it were. Using both life and death magic.

Vevris - Female Human Neutral Evil Mage (Necromancer).

Dethus - Male Human Chaotic Evil Blackguard.

Fae'ryl - Female Elf (Drow RP) Lawful Evil Thief (Assassin).

Halaren - Female Dwarf Neutral Evil Fighter/Cleric

Alleta - Female Half-Elf True Neutral Druid (Avenger).

I want to have a druid in the party as the face since I've never used a druid and for RP want her to focus on rotting and decay in nature. Inspired by the Blight Druid from Pathfinder.

I've never done an evil playthrough and most of the time I base my party on my IRL friend's fantasy persona's/D&D characters. This will be the first time I've ever done a themed party in a game. Any suggestions or would this be a good set up?



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