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Deciding on a class

Bboy2073Bboy2073 Member Posts: 38
Hello I am planning my first role playing play though in this game and I really cannot decide on a class. Any Help would be awesome because I need some more ideas I thought about doing a stalker trying to avenge Gorion but that just seemed to basic. HELP!!



  • MichailMichail Member Posts: 196
    edited March 2015
    A couple of ideas:
    1. You can roleplay the average innocent child that has to grow up overnight, in which case a mage or cleric background, relevant to growing up in a monastery comes up. This one depends on the people Gorion knew, and groups with Khalid and Jaheira. Mage was my original and best choice.
    2. You can roleplay the naturally evil brat that flourishes once removed from the benevolent influence of the monastery, in which case a fighter, stalker or assassin path is reasonable. This is a path to power, relevant to the plot.
    3. You can roleplay the mystic twist, in which case a sorcerer, with an unspeakable heritage, or even a druid, in touch with the natural forces by birthright, sound reasonable.

    P.S. Stalker is good. Combines the natural instincts of the characters actual father with the love for the foster father. And leaves room for internal conflict. While an assassin would lean more towards the "instincts" part.

  • Bboy2073Bboy2073 Member Posts: 38
    Ya I was going to go with a chaotic good stalker who let his vengeful emotions and brash attitude start be a guy that the end justifies the means ha know

  • HeindrichHeindrich Member, Moderator Posts: 2,959
    In my current playthrough, which I consider as my "personal canon game", Charname starts off as a totally inexperienced and naive Kensai (though I interpret that as just a "warrior who fights with a sword in a Eastern style without wearing armour") who is forced to grow up quickly given the challenges he must overcome. The relative weakness of an early game Kensai plus the fact that his stats are non-min/max'd, makes it easy for me to roleplay his reliance on Jaheira, Khalid and other companions to survive perils that otherwise would have claimed him.

    Throughout BG1 he grows in confidence and competence, but remains essentially a follower of Jaheira and Khalid. At the start of BG2 Khalid is murdered, Imoen taken and Jaheira is forced to leave him because the Harpers considers him a threat to be eliminated. Charname himself is so brutally injured by Irenicus that he loses the use of his sword arm for weeks, but the pain of torture and the desperation of his situation unlocked the divine potential he always possessed, and he begins to master magic at a prodigious rate (hence explaining the dual-class process). He makes new allies and strives to become stronger than the enemies that seek to harm him and those he cares about.

    His natural strength (Kensai/Mage is OP) will make him the leader and focal point in BG2, in constrast to BG1. There will an inner struggle between his desire and instinct to do the noble thing, and the seductive appeal of the power of his dark heritage. I don't ever intend for him to "join the dark side", so to be speak, but then I have a pretty right-wing conception of justice and morality. (i.e. I am more sympathetic to retributive justice than corrective justice, whereas revenge tends to be portrayed negatively in western media.)

  • Bboy2073Bboy2073 Member Posts: 38
    edited March 2015
    I was thinking of doing a stalker or Archer who starts of like a normal kid but throughout BG1 he slowly becomes darker and began to slowly lose his morals in his quest for revenge. and I BG2 I will have him deal with his dark heritage and try to resist its power

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,297
    Bboy2073 said:

    I was thinking of doing a stalker or Archer who starts of like a normal kid but throughout BG1 he slowly becomes darker and began to slowly lose his morals in his quest for revenge. and I BG2 I will have him deal with his dark heritage and try to resist its power

    That's a very interesting approach. Note that if the path your Ranger decides to walk in BG1 is a very dark one, they may 'fall' as a Ranger and lose their class-specific abilities. You might not enjoy playing a Stalker who can't stalk.
    On the otrher hand BG2 allows Fallen Rangers to redeem themselves, so from a role-playing prespective, being a Fallen Ranger for a portion of the game could actually be a nice, dramatic experience. (I personally liked it when my Beast Master became Fallen after Alora, confused by an enemy wizard, started killing commoners. It added to the immersion for me.)

  • hisplshispls Member Posts: 166
    ANY class can get through the game. I'll add the caveat that keeping a mage or monk alive through the early few levels is pretty rough, but the rewards later game (particularly into BG2/ToB) are great.

    Popular is to dual class if you're a human character. Take a few levels of figher to get some HP and make the early bits of the game more manageable then dual over to pick a more permanent profession. At that time you may get a feel for what it's like playing the other classes (via controlling NPCs) and you can decide what new set of skills will best add to your party.

    Each class has their own special quest line in BG2 so you'll probably want to come back later and try another anyway.

  • Bboy2073Bboy2073 Member Posts: 38
    edited March 2015
    so I was thinking of going archer or stalker and I will not be fallen but I will keep my rep at around 8

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  • Bboy2073Bboy2073 Member Posts: 38
    or may be I should go sorcerer those look really cool

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414
    Mage - easy, you're Gorion's pupil

    Bard - a voracious reader of the stories in the library, you also spent hours at Winthrop's Inn talking to visitors and listening to their stories. You showed some talent in magic lessons with Gorion, but you were never focused enough on it to become a true mage.

    Cleric - If you install Divine Remix you can take the Lorekeeper of Oghma kit. Fits quite naturally for a ward raised in Candlekeep.

    Paladin/Inquisitor (of Helm) - The Watchers of Candlekeep are a warrior order of Helm. You trained with them and took the vows to serve Helm as a member of the Vigilant Eyes of the God.

    Berserker - You learned your fighting skills from the Watchers, but never considered joining their order. Your rage ability is the expression of your heritage...

  • Bboy2073Bboy2073 Member Posts: 38
    I am thinking sorcerer or archer but I cannot decide. I kinda want to do archer but everybody says they suck in BG2

  • Bboy2073Bboy2073 Member Posts: 38
    I think I am going to play a sorcerer who's heritage cause internal conflict and must try to find who he is on the path to avenge his foster father

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