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Tlent on Twitter: "In the Adventure Yk you'll meet again Albert the Demon"

JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,131
In the most recent tweet Tlent O. revealed that the certain part of the next "Baulder's Gate game", as several video-game sites call it, will be around the story of "Albert, the lad who asked the Bhaalspawn to bring back his dear little dog - Rufie".

"In the return Gorion's ward chose to kill Ruffie. Now in the Adventure Yk Albert transfers Charname and his party to an Outer Plane and only the powerful Demon and his mysterious Clan dictate the fate of Ruffie's murderers".

Whoa! An adventure to an Outer Plane with a low-level party sounds amazing and I've always wanted to find out about this "clan" of Albert.

The only thing I can add is to quote Albert's last words from BG1:

"You... you killed Rufie! I can smell his blood on you! What kind of monsters would do that to a helpless little puppy?! The clan is not going to be pleased! They were right about you Prime people! I'm not gonna trust your kind no more! "



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