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So… New Adventure in the offing

LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
I was sick for a long time, but I am finally better (for various definitions of "better"). So I thought to run another old 2e adventure for anyone interested. This one is split into various "themed" levels, so if players lose interest, we can easily stop or go onto the next.

One again, PCs will be Baldur's Gate NPCs, from BG1 and 2. You'll be starting at level 1 with normal equipment.

The module we'll be playing in is WG7 Castle Greyhawk. It is primarily a humor-module, with levels like "Temple of the Really Bad Dead Things", "Too Many Cooks", "Queen of the Honeybee Hive" "Fluffy Goes Down the Drain", "Mordarkainen's Movie Madness" and "Name of the Game".

Alternatively, there is B1 "Into the Unknown", which was the first module ever released. Half of it, the DM has to flesh out themselves (mostly monsters and treasure).

Let me know (by replying) what module you'd like to play, and what character.



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