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Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning

SmilingSwordSmilingSword Member Posts: 827
So I picked this up on a random steam special the other day, and wow had I forgotten what a great game this is.

Ok the camera is a big pile of poo,
and it's way to easy on the hardest difficulty,
and it's kind of stupid the enemies stop scaling after a bit,
and the level cap is way too low,
and they didn't raise the level cap with the expansions,
and you have to play really carefully to avoid over leveling yourself.

But with all of that said I still think this game is one of the better RPG's to come out in the last few years, It's writing is pretty decent and it should be considering R. A. Salvatore did it.
Ok Salvatore is not the best writer in the world, but he did really well with this game.
The world is fairly interesting and the story fairly compelling,
The combat is fun and pretty intuitive,
just wish they had released modding tools.
Kinda sad we won't be seeing we won't be seeing any more of this series.

Any ways just wondering what you guys and girls think of this little RPG?



  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,087
    Well, what can I say.... it was fun while it lasted. Though its art style is too cartooney for my taste.
    Certainly not a bad RPG, considering it was the first and only title of 38 Studio (as well as the very reason of their bankruptcy).

  • the_spyderthe_spyder Member Posts: 5,017
    I personally really enjoyed it as well. I agree that they had potential.

    My assessment though, if I am honest, is that it felt like a single player MMO. I agree that the world was interesting and well designed. I also agree that it really needed a few expansion packs, which I am sure were planned but never executed upon.

    The combat was fun and fluid. The quests were interesting if a little on the simple side. And there was a progression of sorts character wise.

  • wubblewubble Member Posts: 3,156
    As far as I know they were planning to make an MMO after reckoning, it was just to introduce the world and create money. I think they sank all their money into developing the mmo and didn't let the original reach it's true potential. they ended up with a half arsed game which didn't draw in the fans like they'd hoped.

    It just makes me sad that so many single player RPG developers attempt to create a MMORPG and fail miserably after sinking huge quantities of cash into the project. there are too many MMOs these days so the fans are spread too thin to support a huge game, the days of one game (WoW) dominating the market are over.

    I did like reckoning though, It was fun and quirky but I wish they'd developed the later areas a bit more. the first areas were really detailed and had great and unique storylines but it got a bit samey towards the end.

  • the_spyderthe_spyder Member Posts: 5,017
    wubble said:

    It just makes me sad that so many single player RPG developers attempt to create a MMORPG

    This is my thought as well. However the sad fact of the matter is that MMOS are a cash cow (if they succeed). Why get someone to pay $60 when they can get someone to pay $40 and then $20 a month (or whatever the pay scheme is these days) for 2-3 years, or micro transactions that amount to the same thing? Throw in marketing revenue and there's treasure troves of money to be had (again, IF they succeed).

    My personal (and subjective) opinion on MMOs is they aren't "Role Playing" of any description. I've yet to see any server/game/world that successfully enforces/rewards for really good Role Playing. Oh there are servers that say "Role playing only", but it isn't like sitting around a D&D table where the DM and your buddies will actually call you on your acting.

    Nor can you actually accomplish anything (other than griefing other players) as the world constantly resets itself.

    But off of my soap box.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    Star Wars: The Old Republic makes a good effort at being an RPG, to the point where if it were a single-player game I would probably play through it a few times just for the story.

    That being said, I've heard some less positive things about SWTOR as an MMO. It's difficult to find the right balance of story and sustainable gameplay.

  • the_spyderthe_spyder Member Posts: 5,017
    @Dee = One can play through a game for the story. That is a far cry from requiring that a player Role Play their character. But I take your point.

    I used to play on NWN2 Persistent worlds that were strictly "Role Play only". You could do pretty much whatever you want most of the time. Occasionally a wandering DM might call you out for using gaming terms or other anachronisms but pretty much even then it wasn't anything that would correct the behavior.

    And I tried for 2 years to Role Play a character on Evercrack. Some other players played along. Then some guy would come along and start talking about camping x random encounter or did I know where certain 'drops' were. And no one cared.

    Yeah, I am a bit bitter. I just miss my old D&D group sessions. Sigh....

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    SWTOR's story did about as much roleplaying as any other Bioware RPG. You have a character, you make choices, you see the consequences of those choices, and it does more than just change your Force alignment.

  • the_spyderthe_spyder Member Posts: 5,017
    @Dee - No CRPG 'Requires' Role play. But when you add in the social element of an MMO style game it becomes more noticeable. Even more than noticeable, in a game like Baldur's gate, there is no opportunity to step out of character as it were. There are two modes, either you are playing the game (making choices as you indicate) or it is not up and running physically. There's no instance where you are simply chatting with a buddy (or random stranger) about the game scores last night.

    But more than that, no MMO that I've ever played (and I haven't played them all) allows for any sort of forward motion. Any quest that you can complete, dozens or hundreds (thousands) of other players have already completed and even more will do in the future. If you save a village from a hoard of angry Orcs, 10 minutes later that hoard will be back for the next 'Adventurer'. In a game like BG, once a lair is cleared out, it stays cleared out (unless the programmers have a reason for it to repopulate). And in tabletop, it is the same.

    But enough about MMOs from my personal (and subjective) view point. I'm not going to like them. It's as simple as that. Which isn't to say that they are objectively BAD, merely not MY personal taste.

  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    I would pay money for a single-player The Old Republic. Remove re-spawns and all that crap. I cannot cannot stand MMO's. They're anti-immersive (kill the boss, somebody else picks up the item, you wait for boss to rematerialize) and more (to me) tedium than anything else.

    I don't mind controlled respawns (like, in the wilds, maybe things show up).

  • Sorvan76Sorvan76 Member Posts: 76
    The Scottish accents used in parts of the game are probably the worst I've heard in all of fiction.

  • wubblewubble Member Posts: 3,156
    Sorvan76 said:

    The Scottish accents used in parts of the game are probably the worst I've heard in all of fiction.


    Play dungeon siege and you'll soon change your mind. :)

    skip to 4:20

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