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Warning for IPAD gamers - IOS version 8.3


I learned this the hard way two weeks ago. The latest version of IOS disables the use of iFunBox to transfer savegames to and from your Ipad. the latest IOS pretty much renders iFunBox useless, it doesn't allow iFunBox to interact with the subfolders of virtually any app. Its an issue specific to IOS 8.3 - iFunBox has come with a minor patch that allows CERTAIN apps to interact with iFunBox (things like VLC player, but also games like Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic). However, none of the BG-style games are on that list - it has something to do with how the app interacts with IOS. Furthermore, neither IOS 8.2 nor 8.3 are jailbreakable.

If you've upgraded, here is a very useful guide to downgrade to IOS 8.2

Not sure if I should post this to the individual game folders or here - its applicable to BG, BG2 and IWD. I'd say the best possible suggestion would be to email the developers of the games to issue an update that mods the games to have "Itunes File Sharing" enabled. I'm not sure if thats the only working fix - somehow Star Wars - KOTOR, still allows the transfer of saved file. Here's a post detailing the issue and the fix.

hope this help anyone who ran into the same problem I did



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