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Top 5 Insane Characters wanted

So, there's a single alignment I've never played so far: Chaotic Neutral. And because "Lunatics and madman tend toward chaotic neutral behavior", I've decided to make this one a themed play-through, with, well, the most nuts party I can accomplish. As to who will join my CN Jester called Sheogorath, I'm still uncertain.

While thinking of my setup, I've noticed that the number of insane characters in BG 1 is in and of itself insane. So I'm not at a loss if choices, I'm just debating who should go with me. I'd love Neera, since she somewhat fits the theme and I've used her not nearly as much as I wanted to.

This party does not need to be viable. Semi-viable is enough for a fun game. The Characters should somewhat get along, but my Charisma is maxed out to help with that. Any alignments allowed.

Who do I think is staple?
1. CHARNAME 2. Neera 3. Quayle 4. Tiax? although I'm not certain how evil he demands me to be. 5./6. ??? completely open for now

I'm easily persuaded to other ideas, all suggestions welcome. I know this isn't the most original idea, but it'll be fun, for sure. A big THX to anyone who takes the time in advance! :D


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