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[Android, pre-beta] dialogue bug bg2 ee android

MoritzMoritz Member Posts: 7
edited July 2015 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.3.2064)
I couldn't find this anywhere and it turned into a gamebraker in the end, so here it goes:
Since i started playing on Android I encountered several bugged dialogue sequences: the npc-text and my possible answers were either replaced by random characters (looks a bit like someone falling asleep on the keyboard) or just an empty line. Usually it was possible to just click through the dialogue nonetheless, but in some cases the game would then crash at a certain point during the dialogue. It was not a big problem up to now, because it only affected dialogues that are either avoidable or where the actual content was not very important (Townsfolk giving directions in Umar Hills for example) and I just clicked through random answers. Now however it is affecting the next romance-dialogue with jaheira and when I try to click through that one the game always crashes at some point no matter which answers I choose.
I hope there is a solution. I could just kick her out of the party, but I think sooner or later this bug will occur where there is really no way around the dialogue.

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